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KCC Honors Program: Scholarship, Service, Leadership

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If I had to choose one accomplishment I am most proud of from my time at KCC, it would be being the Secretary of Phi Theta Kappa. Being part of this internationally recognized honors society has transformed me both as a student and as an individual. I have developed valuable skills such as networking with others, confident public speaking, and leadership skills I didn't think I had. I am very grateful to the Honors program of KCC because it gave me access to some wonderful and life changing opportunities. The Honors Program has been like a second family where I have learned, grown and become a better person. This program has allowed me to challenge myself and has made me realize my true potential. Thank you KCC Honors!"

Arooj Alam
Secretary of Phi Theta Kappa, Salzburg Global Seminar, Honors club and Student World Assembly
Brooklyn College

"My greatest accomplishment as a student at KCC was being able to simply be myself. Participating within the REEO Program helped me in developing my public speaking skills. While I do still get nervous speaking to a large group of people, speaking to an individual is much easier and I no longer feel that nervous feeling anymore."

Jaime Berco
Presidential Scholar, Treasurer for Student World Assembly and Bilingual Club, Public Relations Officer for Honors Club, REEO Student Aide, member of Honors Club


"Only hard work and challenge will help you to achieve your dreams! Study and Work hard! Be part of the team!" 

Zarina Dyussenbekova
Treasurer of the Honors club.
Phi Theta Kappa and Student World Assembly member
Mount Holyoke College, Class of 2016.

"I was introduced to the Honors Program at the Honors Symposium, 2012. Since then I’ve never left them. It became my sanctuary, a place that I call it my second home. It doesn’t really matter what your major is – the only thing that counts is how much you indulge yourself. Please don't procrastinate to join Honors you can be a part of it at any level you are standing at." 

 Khawaja Muneeb Hassan
Motion Pictures Editors Guild of America Scholarship Award, Seon L. Leon Scholarship, National Society of Leadership and Success, Honors Symposium participant
Brooklyn College Film Program class of 2014.



"It had been several years since I had completed an entire academic school year when I walked into my first class at Kingsborough Community College. My greatest accomplishment, what I am most proud of, is the willingness I had to step out of my comfort zone and try. Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. The willingness to try evolved into the determination to succeed, which ultimately resulted in accomplishments like receiving a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship and graduating as Valedictorian. Being inducted into the Presidential Scholars Program, Distinctions Publication, and after not going to High School, Working hard and watching it pay off! Maintaining a 4.0 GPA."

Rachel Lazar
Valedictorian, Presidential Scholar Honors Student, Phi Theta Kappa member, Recipient of a Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, presenter at Honors Symposia and at the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, two publications in Distinctions, Kingsborough's Honors Journal, Dean's List
Columbia University


"Utilize the Honors Program to your benefit. The staff and other Honors students are all there for the future students and want to see them succeed."

Jeremiah Lindgren
Presidential Scholar, Student World Assembly Treasurer, Honors Representative, Salzburg Global seminar participant


"Enrolling into the Honors Program gave me many opportunities that helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to major in. It has made me a great person as well."

Dmytro Moyseyev
National Grid Internship, National Society of Leadership and Success
NYU Polytech Electrical Engineering

"Don't let school overwhelm you and don't rush through school. The road to your degree may be a marathon instead of a sprint. While school is important, balance is also necessary."

Aniyah Parker
Presidential Scholar
Lehman College Nursing Program


"I would like to thank everyone in the Honors office for their unconditional support throughout my two years at Kingsborough. I really appreciate you guys being there for me, whenever I needed it. After graduating KCC, I will transfer to Brooklyn College in fall 2014 and continue my studies as a Speech Pathology major to complete my Bachelor's Degree. I plan to get my Masters as well."

Patricia Pjatakova
National Society of Leadership and Success, Brooklyn College Speech Pathology, Published in Distinctions

"I do not know where I would be without the Honors Program. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the faculty, staff and peers that go into creating such a vibrant academic environment. The various leadership opportunities, trips and friendships will stay with me."

Alex Royt
Presidential Scholar, Peer Mentorship for College Discovery, Phi Theta Kappa Member, Chi Alpha Epsilon
Major in Classics 
Binghamton University


"Throw yourself into Kingsborough life wholeheartedly. It will be a rewarding experience. Be bold, push yourself. You're better than you think."

Fern White-Hilsenrath
President for International Student Union 2012-2014, Treasurer for International Student Union 2011-2012, Member of Phi Theta Kappa & Honors Club 

 Fern white-hilsenrath
Kwesi W. Blackman

“The Honors Program played an integral part in my success. I truly appreciate all the support the Honors staff provided to me while at KCC.”

Kwesi W. Blackman
Iraq War Veteran
Howard University College of Medicine Class of 2014

"The Honors Program has opened many doors for me during my two year college experience. Thanks to the staff, tutors as well as the director Dr. Goldsmith, I have grown personally and academically. Today, I can say that I am a different person, who has learned so much. The Honors Program has given me the enthusiasm to move on and become the best I could be to tackle the career that I have chosen for myself. The program has helped me polish all my skills and they have helped me realize all my strengths to overcome my weaknesses.  Thank you very much to everyone in the Honors Program."

Virginia Quilli
REEO Rising Star
Long Island University - Global College in Costa Rica Scholarship Recipient
Virginia Quilli
Dorothy Franco

"Thank you to the Honors program for being incredibly supportive and helping me grow in to the stellar student that I am today!"

Dorothy Franco
Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music Class of 2012
Vassar College Exploring Transfer Summer Scholar

"The Honors Program has transformed my community college experience. My academic growth, acceptance into the Kaplan Leadership Program, traveling opportunities and cultural exposure can be accredited to the Honors Program. Entering as a high school student, the Honors Program has nurtured me and surrounded me with a group of supportive people who have walked with me each step of my community college experience. I am truly thankful to be a part of this family. Thank you!"

Lavar Thomas
Clark University Class of 2013 Kaplan Scholar

Lavar Thomas
Amabella Charmaine Lambinicio

"The Honors Program has: helped me develop leadership skills; motivated my intellectual growth; and was my support system in times of need. The program's director Dr. Goldsmith has been an inspiration to me as a woman aspiring to be a leader in my community. The small but excellent staff: Ms. Helen-Margaret Nasser (you are a fun person to be around and certainly a very intelligent woman, who can only aspire us to do more), Ms. Jane Birzin (thank you for being there for me and many other students who simply needed a person to talk to), and Ms. Tzila Waksman (you have made my KBCC experience a lot easier) have all been a great support and what I would call the "dream team" that any program would want if they want success. Associate Dean Reza Fakhari, has also contributed heavily in gearing me to be the best that I could be. To Janine Palludan, thank you for being a great mentor and friend. My success in the future would definitely be attributed to my growth intellectually and in leadership roles within and beyond the Honors Program."

Amabella Charmaine Lambinicio
Mount Holyoke Class of 2013
Ken Daly (National Grid) Scholarship Recipient
Vassar College Exploring Transfer Summer Scholar

Hui Ming

"I am very glad I chose to participate in Honors courses and do Honors contracts. They encouraged me to work and achieve higher educational goals. I have learned a lot from these courses. The knowledge and skills that I have learned are not the only advantages of being a part of Honors. The professors, students, and the stuff of the Honors hose are very helpful and supportive to me. The Honors experience at Kingsborough best prepared me for the next step in my academic career, a 4-year college or university."

Hui Ming
REEO Rising Star 2009-2010

"I am constantly reminded of the words Frances Hesselbein shared with me during a leadership summit, 'community college is the miracle that will save higher education.' The Honors Program has made my experience at KCC a truly exceptional gift. I believe you get out of college whatever you make of it, but the Honors staff, from the Director to the secretary makes a consistent effort to add value to our daily schedule. From reading circles to study-abroad; from local trips to international conventions, I have broadened my view of the world in unexpected ways. It is because of this community college that I was able to find my passion and continue towards a bachelor's degree. I am proud to go to KCC, 'it's not for school, but for life.'"       

Steven Rodriguez
Skadden Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies Housed in The City College of New York  Class of 2013 
Long Island University - Global College in Costa Rica Scholarship recipient
REEO Rising Star
Steven Rodriguez
Keroll Latayan

"The Honors program is an excellent program designed for highly motivated students. The program encourages students to participate in numerous on and off campus activities, which enhances our skills and knowledge of different areas of study. Students transferring to a 4-year college or university are better prepared having developed a stronger foundation through the various academic and non-academic involvements. It is my pleasure to become a part of this wonderful program because I was given the opportunity to deepen my experience of learning. The staff is very approachable and friendly; they'll guide you to the right path all the time."

Keroll Latayan
Tourism and Hospitality Major KCC Class of 2011
Disney College Program Fall 2011

"Simply put, Kingsborough Honors Program is where students achieve higher. I prospered in the Honors community at KCC and was able to transition to the School of Visual Arts easily."

Xiaoting Wu (Lau)
Graphic Design, School of Visual Arts '11
School of Visual Arts Silas H. Rhodes Merit Scholarship Winner

Xiaoting Wu
Ayesha Siddiqui

"Kingsborough is a jewel in the crown of the City University of New York and it is playing a vital role in the Community College Network. During my short one-year stay, I was able to participate in honor student activities and benefit from the resources. But the most wonderful and memorable experience was attending the honors induction ceremony in 2007. I got to know the success story of Ms. Helianne Duke, Valedictorian of the Class of 2007. She excelled besides being mother of six young children. It was the first time I had heard the term, "valedictorian". I graduated the same year from Kingsborough with a thought and inspiration of accomplishing something similar to what Ms. Duke did. In 2009, I was selected as the Valedictorian of New York City College of Technology. Now, my success story can inspire others. I will always remember that my inspiration was a fellow student at Kingsborough and this is the biggest reward I earned for being an honor student."

Ayesha Siddiqui
New York City College of Technology '09
New York City College of Technology Class of 2009 Valedictorian

"Being an honor student is an immense responsibility for everyone, yet our key point is to understand the role of education in our lives. A college education is a privilege that must be taken seriously by any student because it is used to enrich one's life and provide direction for one's future endeavors. The education I received from Kingsborough established a solid base of knowledge and helped me cultivate a life-long love of learning. Honors courses, for example, enhanced my motivation regarding my overall studies, and gave me the chance to use my professors as true mentors. I highly recommend the Honors Program to all high-achieving students who want to challenge their minds and meet like-minded students like themselves. I can truly say that the Honors Program is an opportunity for everyone who wants to accomplish things through hard work and prepare themselves to get past obstacles in their lives and elevate their achievements."

Raluca E. Toscano
Adelphi University '10
Kingsborough Class of 2009 Valedictorian
Annette Rickel's Foundation Scholar

Raluca Toscano
Jordan Hall

"Upon learning about the academic opportunities available to Honors students at Kingsborough, I was genuinely impressed; never would I have thought that a community college would go out of its way to facilitate a program such as this--a program in which high-achieving students are given full scholarships to international studies programs, for example, and are encouraged to publish and present papers at Honors conferences. Faculty and administrators involved with the Honors Program are committed to fostering academic excellence and cultivating critical thinking skills amongst the student body, and a testament to the success of their approach is the number of students who go on to elite colleges and Ivy League universities. Perhaps more importantly, however, the Honors Program goes beyond merely preparing students for the intellectual rigors of academia at a four-year institution. With a philosophy that emphasizes dedication to the ethical ideals of global citizenship and civic engagement, graduates leave Kingsborough equipped with the mindset and motivation necessary to serve as the ideal leaders of tomorrow — and it is this characteristic, in my opinion,that sets Kingsborough's Honors Program apart, with its emphasis on developing the whole person rather than simply focusing on the classroom."

Jordan Hall
New York University
School of Arts and Sciences '11

"The Honors Program seeks to nurture each student and watches as he or she evolves into a more knowledgeable, enriched person. It is one of the factors that has aided in the collegiate success of the individual who participates in it. Personally, the Program was essential in my transfer to a prestigious institution."

Edith Estrella-Ramos
Smith College '11
Edith Estrella Ramos
Eric Taylor "The Kingsborough Honors Program strives to reach out to students and inspire them to develop not only as high-achieving learners in the classroom but also as actively-engaged individuals in their communities. As a Business major with a strong interest in global affairs, I knew that I wanted to study abroad to expand my understanding of globalization and be better informed in my pursuit of a career in international business. The Honors Program gave me this opportunity, offering me a full scholarship to attend the International Studies Program in Salzburg, Austria, and the Program's emphasis on global citizenship has helped develop my global awareness and has inspired me to become more involved in civic engagement."

Eric Taylor
Brooklyn College '11
"Honors classes at KCC were an essential part of my preparation for a four-year institution. My professors challenged me to think outside of the box, while always being available and supportive. These courses were stepping stones for my self-confidence, providing me with a new drive each semester. Unless one demands more of himself he or she will never know what they can achieve. In the words of Emily Dickenson, "Dwell in possibility."

Marsha Allen
Mt. Holyoke College '10
Phi Theta Kappa Century Scholar 2007
Marsha Allen
Moses Kanduri

"I see Kingsborough's Honors Program as a learning community for students with exceptional academic talents. The program welcomes students into a close-knit community of faculty and intellectually gifted students committed to acquiring a broad and balanced education. For me, the Honors Program is all about the people — a truly exceptional group of people. I am proud to be part of the Honors Program family."

Moses Kanduri
CUNY Leadership Academy Fellow 2009-10

"The Honors Program has made a profound impact on my life. It gave me the chance to be involved and make a difference, then supported and encouraged me throughout my endeavors."

Karina Dubinskaya
St. John's University '11
The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarship Winner
Karina Dubinskaya
Kieshorne Dennie

"The Honors Program is a community that fosters friendship, communication, and academic opportunities."  

Kieshorne Dennie
Vassar College Exploring Transfer Summer 2009 Program Participant
Skadden Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies Housed in the City College of New York Class of 2012


"Aside from the opportunity to take honors classes that undoubtedly prepared me for my transition into a four year college, I received guidance and support that I carry with me every day and will continue to carry with me throughout my academic and professional career."

Julianne Willis
Marymount Manhattan College '10
Jeannette K. Watson Fellow, Class of 2011
Julianne Willis
Ashley B. Cruz

"The Honors program at Kingsborough Community College gave me the tools to complete what I had started. Taking honors courses gave me the liberty of creative freedom within my coursework as well as the ability to have a more personal learning experience with the professors. I grew stronger as a student with the support of this program and I feel that my involvement was a vital preparation for a four-year college."

Ashley B. Cruz
New York University '11
NY League of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. Scholarship Winner
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