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Honors Symposium
Realize Your Potential!

The Spring 2017 Honors Symposium
will be held on
Monday, May 1, 2017,
3 - 5 PM in the
MAC Rotunda.
The application deadline is
Wednesday, April 19, 2017.


In order to participate in the Symposium, a student must submit an application by the deadline date indicated above that includes a fully developed abstract that can be used to highlight the presentation in the Symposium booklet.

The Kingsborough Honors Symposium aims to enhance the academic experience of students by providing them with the opportunity to present a paper or project of outstanding quality that they have completed at Kingsborough. It will enable students to practice public speaking in a round-table setting while talking about a topic or project in which they have demonstrated academic excellence. Students will be seated with two or three other students and a faculty moderator, plus guests. They will have 10-12 minutes to present their paper or poster followed by 3-5 minutes of questions from the audience. Participants will receive a certificate of recognition and their names/presentations will be listed in the symposium booklet.

Types of Presentations:
1) Paper presentations are typically based on a 7-12 page paper the student has written within the last year. During the presentation, the student will not read from the paper, rather he/she should summarize key issues that the paper examined and may use PowerPoint to aid the presentation. The presenter should highlight critical aspects of the inquiry process, including but not limited to the following:  Why was this topic selected?  What challenges were encountered?  What unexpected or exciting discoveries were made?  How has the presenter's understanding of the discipline changed as a result of the inquiry?

2) Poster presentations are a way to showcase research or work done throughout a semester, such as that done in connection with a biology project; typically presented on a 4' x 3' tri-fold board or a similar self-supporting framework that can rest on a table or an easel.

3) Creative presentations can be art, music, poetry, or theater-based projects and the student must be able to make the presentation at a table in the Symposium room without interfering with students at other tables. Typical topics might include a photo portfolio, a collection of poems, or a stage script prepared by the student.

If you have any questions about the Symposium, please contact Ms. Helen-Margaret Nasser in the Honors House; she can also be reached by email at
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