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KCC Honors Program: Scholarship, Service, Leadership

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Greetings From Our Staff
Dr. Rachelle Goldsmith

I invite you to become a part of Kingsborough’s growing Honors Program. The program is dedicated to helping students who have a 3.20 or higher GPA develop an academic and co-curricular resume that promotes a smooth transfer to a top four-year college, with scholarship support whenever possible. I strongly encourage you to have as many Honors experiences as possible because the more you challenge yourself, the more you grow and the better prepared you will be for transfer. Recent Honors alumni have gone on to attend senior CUNY and SUNY colleges, as well as transfer with scholarships to four-year colleges and universities such as Adelphi, Columbia, Cornell, Mount Holyoke, Northeastern, NYU, Pratt, School of Visual Arts, and Smith. Many alumni have also earned prestigious awards and scholarships like the Phi Theta Kappa All-USA Academic Team Scholarship and the Kaplan Foundation Leadership Program Scholars.

I look forward to your joining the Honors program as I know that it will make a significant difference in your education and experience at Kingsborough.

Dr. Reza Fakhari

At Kingsborough, we have created a flagship Honors environment for high-achieving students. We are fond of saying, "We don’t necessarily recruit honors, we make honors possible here!" Some of our best Honors students have been GED diploma holders, New Start students, or ESL students who had just gained English proficiency. Our program offers students the best Honors courses taught by dedicated Honors faculty. The Honors Program has been highly successful in empowering students to transfer to top colleges and universities with scholarship after the completion of their degrees at Kingsborough. "The Presidential Honors Scholars Program" affords selected students with scholarships and laptops and "The Kingsborough Honors Representative Program" provides extensive training in leadership, public speaking, and fine dining etiquette. We aim to enrich students’ education by providing them with a rich menu of nearly cost-free co-curricular activities on- and off-campus, nationally and internationally, that will broaden their horizons and inspire them to become leaders and engaged citizens. "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" is the motto of our program and "R2C" [Responsibility to Care] is a signature social responsibility initiative that our students in collaboration with the Student World Assembly have come up with.

I invite you to join our community of high-achieving and engaged learners. Let us make it possible for you to reach your academic and career dreams.



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