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Honors Program Eligibility Honors Program

To join the Honors Program eligible students must enroll in at least one All-Honors Course, an Honors Enrichment Component (HEC), or complete an Honors Contract Project. Students who successfully complete between nine and seventeen credits of Honors course work receive an Honors Program notation on his/her transcript and in the Commencement booklet. Students who earn eighteen or more Honors credit receive special recognition of "Presidential Scholar" for their academic achievement on his/her transcript and in the Commencement booklet.

Honors Program Eligibility

Current high school students must have a high school average of 80% or higher, passed the CUNY/ACT test in reading and writing, OR have combined SAT scores of 1400 or higher. Eligible Students should apply to join the Presidential Scholars Honors Program before attending Kingsborough Community College.

Current Kingsborough students must have a 3.2 GPA or higher based on 12 more credits and earned a grade B+ or higher in ENG 12. Eligible students may earn Honors academic credit during their time at Kingsborough Community College.

All eligible students are expected to earn Honors credits during their time at KCC and to participate in Honors co-curricular programming and events.

To learn more about becoming part of the Honors Program, please visit the Honors House in M377 or call (718) 368-5365.

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