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Honors Education
  Honors programs in higher education have traditionally been the purview of elite, BA-granting institutions. Why?

In this faculty interest group, faculty will examine questions around honors education in the community college setting. While Kingsborough’s Honors program offers students many academic opportunities (Honors Symposium, CUNY Honors Conference, National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Salzburg Global Seminar, Vassar College Exploring Transfer Program, Distinctions), some questions fundamental to community college honors education remain to be explored:

·   What is the point of honors education at a two-year college?

·   What do honors courses actually do for students?

·   How does teaching an honors course differ from teaching a non-honors class?

·   How one can challenge highly motivated and academically capable students to move beyond regular course requirements?

·   What is the profile of an honors student?

·   How can honors academic and co-curricular experiences be assessed?  


We’re open to investigating philosophical questions as well as practical issues, and look forward to discussing topics of common interest as well as brainstorming solutions to challenges unique to Kingsborough.

For more information or to join, please contact Rob at and please feel free to visit our wiki.















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