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Edgar Troudt - Tourism & HospitalityProject Description:
I posed the questions: (1) What is the impact of visualization projects on students' understanding and retention of case studies? and (2) Do visualization exercises increase a student's recall and understanding of case study materials? Students at various reading levels in a reading-intensive, entrepreneurship case-studies course were asked to develop pencil and ink diagrams organizing data presented in four of eight case studies in a meaningful manner. As part of the course, students were taught about Concept Mapping, though they were free to choose or ignore this format for their diagrams. Students were debriefed via survey and informal discussion. Findings from this initial study indicated that students are willing to be engaged in this activity, expectations for output should be made clear with only a limited set of options, and visual scene descriptions have low overhead and high comfort among Community College students.

This work served to motivate a grant proposal and has evolved into the foundation for a PhD dissertation in Computer Science. In that expanded work, human subjects are presented with a text passage and a software-based Diagram Manipulation System (DMS) allowing them to create visual representations of the passage. The study hypothesizes that during human translation of written text into a visual representation on a computer, an algorithm can employ data from user interface (UI) interaction during the problem solving process, to assess the integrity of the visual representation produced.
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