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Purpose and Scope

The Kingsborough Faculty Committee on General Education was created in response to the University's renewed emphasis on undergraduate education. The role of this committee is to evaluate the degree to which Kingsborough's General Education goals and desired outcomes are reflected in its General Education requirement as the requirement is currently articulated. Further, the committee is charged with making recommendations for General Education reform where warranted.

General Education Committee Members

Homar Barcena, PHY

Mary Dawson, BIO

Annie Del Principe, ENG

MaryAnn Edelman, NUR

Reza Fakhari, Associate Provost

Susan Farrell, BEH

Rick Fox, Institutional Research

Janine Graziano-King, KCTL/ENG

Nate Greene, MAT

Don Hume, HPER

Reabeka King, LIB

Maxine McGarvey, BUS

Gloria Nicosia, COM

Caterina Pierre, ART

Gloria Pollack, FOR

Zuleika Rodriguez, Advisement

David Salb, MAT

Jacob Segal, HIS

Edgar Troudt, TOU


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