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Environmental Health & Safety


The Office of Environmental Health & Safety is a service department within City University of New York (CUNY) at Kingsborough Community College dedicated to provide faculty, staff, and visitors a safe and healthy working environment. The Environmental Health & Safety Office provides oversight of all College operations to ensure that these operations are conducted using appropriate standards and management practices of safety and are in compliance with CUNY and Kingsborough Community College policies and all applicable city, state and federal regulations.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety develops safety policies and programs, provides safety training, conducts inspections of laboratories, food cafeterias, and facilities, provides technical services that identify, evaluate, and control potentially hazardous agents and situations.

Contact Us:

Jennifer Wuotinen
Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Office of Environmental Health & Safety
2001 Oriental Blvd.
Room S-304
Brooklyn, New York 11235-2333

Phone: (718) 368-4778
Fax:      (718) 368-4901


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