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Kingsborough would like to encourage all KCC students to participate in our annual "KCC Goes Green" contest.

KCC Goes Green” is a campus-wide contest intended to promote sustainability on campus, raise awareness of environmental issues, and to ultimately make Kingsborough a greener institution.

The contest will begin on February 22nd and will run until April 5th. The winners will be announced at the 2010 Eco-Festival, April 27-30.

To participate in the contest, students and teams must submit their own ideas and solutions about how to make KCC a greener campus. Students can offer submissions in the form of essays, videos, art work, etc. Each submission must introduce ways to make Kingsborough a greener campus. These submissions may include ideas relating to raising awareness, making improvements to operations or facilities, ad campaigns, curriculum changes, or any other great ideas you may think of.

Submissions should be emailed to or delivered to Vice President Keller in A-209. For more information, please contact VP Keller at extension 5028 or

Submissions will be reviewed by a small team of administrators and faculty and the winners will be notified. The top three finalists will have the honor of presenting their submissions at Kingsborough’s Eco-Festival and will be awarded prizes for this achievement.

Prizes for winners will be as follows:

1st Prize: Visa Check Card valued at $500
2nd Prize: Visa Check Card valued at $300
3rd Prize: Visa Check Card valued at $100
4 Honorable Mentions: Visa Check Card valued at $25
Thank you very much for your assistance.


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