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Regent Exams are given the week of January 25-January 28, 2011.

Our Test-Prep classes will be offered the two weekends
preceding the exam, Saturday, January 15 or 22 and
Sunday, January 16 or 23. Register early to insure your
place. At last, there is a convenient, beautiful and safe
Brooklyn location to offer students practice in critical
thinking and reasoning. The courses will offer intensive
coverage of the high school subject course curriculum
and new higher standards. Classes address test-taking
strategies, while practice sessions identify individual
strengths and weaknesses targeting areas in need of
improvement. Refresh knowledge, skills and study in
preparation for the NYS Regents exams.

NOTE: The subject-appropriate Barron’s Regents Exam
book (and reference tables for science and math courses)
are required and are not included in the course fee.
Sessions will begin at 9am and continue until 4pm, with
a one-hour lunch break. Bring your own lunch.


RTP 96 Earth Science (The Physical World) $75
Sun January 16 OR Sat January 22

The focus is on earth processes as they relate to geology,
astronomy, oceanography and meteorology, in preparation for
the Regents.

RTP 97 Living Environment (Biology) $75
Sat January 15 OR Sun January 23

The focus is on the study of life sciences as they relate to
botany, cell physiology, zoology, and biochemistry.

Social Studies

RTP 94 U.S. History/Government $75
Sat January 15 OR Sun January 23

This class covers: citizenship, constitutional principles, culture
and diversity, economic systems, foreign policy, geography,
government, industrialization, immigration, and reform

RTP 95 Global History and Geography $75
Sun January 16 OR Sat January 22

Topics include: the ancient world, global interaction, the
age of revolution, the 20th century since 1845, global
connections and interactions, international organizations and
agreements, and a glossary of terms and people..


RTP 82 Math B $75
Sun January 16 OR Sat January 22

We concentrate on formal proofs based on logic, geometric
theorems, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential
functions. For 10th and 11th Graders.

RTP 91 Math A $75
Sat January 15 OR Sun January 23

Topics include: logic, geometry, polynomials, algebra,
quadratic equations, and graphing lines and coordinates. For
10th and 11th graders.

RTP 83 Algebra Regents Preparation for 9th Graders $75
Sun January 16 OR Sat January 22

This class is for 9th graders preparing to take the new algebra
regents, and offers review in accordance with the revised New
York State math curriculum.

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