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CUNY Service Corps
Students: Become part of a service community at CUNY


CUNY Service Corps Information Form

The CUNY Service Corps will mobilize KBCC students to work on projects that improve the short and long-term civic, economic and environmental sustainability of New York City and of its residents and communities. The program’s goals for students are to make a meaningful difference through service while gaining valuable real-world work experience and earning a wage. In addition, residents, communities, and project sponsors are able to see concrete benefits as a result of CUNY Service Corps projects.

The program is organized around themes that represent both opportunity and need:

  • A Healthier City:

    Students will address important community and public health issues, such as chronic disease management, childhood obesity, lead poisoning prevention, infant mortality, violence prevention, nutrition, and food security.
  • A More Resilient and Greener City:

    Students will support projects related to improving the city’s built and green infrastructure and making it more resistant to storm-related damage.

  • A Better Educated City:

    Participants will offer valuable supports to students of all ages, such as those in early childhood programs (and their families and caretakers), public middle and high school students, fellow CUNY students struggling with academic and personal challenges, and adult students learning English or preparing to take the High School Equivalency examination.
  • An Economically Stronger City:

    A range of projects will focus on bolstering the economic viability and success of distressed communities within the city.

    Click here to view our CUNY Service Corps Presentation

Please complete the online form below and select one of the information sessions that we have conveniently scheduled for you. Once submitted, you will be contacted and provided with more information about the program.

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