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About the Center

Civic Engagement at Kingsborough Community College is defined as acting on our mutual responsibility to care for each other in the college, in our communities, and on our planet. Kingsborough accepts as a fundamental principle that education requires both an acceptance of social responsibility and active participation in meeting the challenges of a modern society. This responsibility is borne out through political activity, community service, engagement in leadership roles, advocacy and becoming informed on issues which relate to social change.
In order to achieve an environment in which civic engagement is embraced and practiced broadly throughout the campus certain factors must be in place.
  • Mechanisms to assure learning about social issues from a broad perspective whether in or out of the classroom
  • A climate which values diversity and building bridges across difference
  • The capacity to work through controversy with civility
  • Opportunities to engage in the political process and social justice activities on or off campus
  • Opportunities to become leaders and effective members of a broad range of groups addressing issues of civic concern
  • Valuing of behavior that is engaged, empathetic, ethical and socially responsible

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Marcia Cantarella
  • Ms. Keisha Johnson
  • Ms. Christine Buite-Beckner
  • Ms. Lavita McMath
  • Prof. Christopher Chapman
  • Mr. Brian Mitra
  • Dean Paulette Dalpes
  • Prof. Frank Percaccio
  • Assoc. Provost Reza Fakhari
  • Prof. Katia Perea
  • Dean David Gomez



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