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What is the National Society of Leadership and Success?

Sigma Alpha Pi is a leadership honor society (not a fraternity/sorority) with more than 200 college chapters, with the mission to build leaders who make a better world. Local chapters offer in-person leadership development and peer-to-peer networking for students around the world.

To be invited or nominated, you must reach an academic accomplishment of a 3.0 or higher GPA and possess leadership potential. Candidacy for the Society is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.

Society membership provides you with the professional leadership training to gain a competitive edge in the employment market. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, as the National Society of Leadership and Success is one of the largest college leadership honor societies in the United States with hundreds of chapters. Membership gives you a lifetime access to benefits including over $100,000 annually in awards and scholarships, National Leadership Certification (a valuable asset on your resume), exclusive events on campus (offering opportunities to develop leadership skills and gain experience setting and achieving goals), employer recruitment, an exclusive online job bank, networking with other top students on campus, Personalized letter of recommendations to submit to prospective employers or four-year programs, and discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars on computers, textbooks, grad school prep course, and car insurance.

Upon filling out our online application and paying the one-time registration fee, you are considered a pre-inducted member of the Society. After you have completed the steps to induction (which requires approximately 12 hours of your time) you will become an inducted member.

How do I become an inducted member?

The steps that you need to complete to be officially inducted into the Society of Leadership are:

  1. Orientation (By Semester)
  2. Leadership Training Day (By Semester)
  3. Three speaker broadcast events (By Semester)
  4. Three Success Networking Team meetings (By Semester)
  5. Induction Ceremony (Yearly in the Spring)
  • Orientation is the first meeting that occurs each semester and will give you access to all the information you need about the program in order to successfully complete the steps for induction as a member.


  • The Leadership Training Day is a 3-hour interactive video training session with a workbook designed to help you identify and overcome any obstacles that may interfere with obtaining your goals. This introspective seminar helps you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, in order to shift your focus toward your real passions.


  • At the Speaker Events you will watch some of the world's most successful motivational speakers discussing topics related to leadership, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and successfully transitioning from college to career. There are 6 events (3 in the fall semester, 3 in the spring semester); to become inducted the student must attend at least 3 events.

  • The Success Networking Team bi-weekly meetings bring together groups of students that work together and provide peer coaching on achieving goals. You can discuss goals, desires and expectations, set timelines and hold each other accountable for achieving what you want. The Success Networking Team provides members with a support network of like-minded goal-oriented students on campus. These meetings will be held monthly, times and dates to be determined at the Leadership Training Day. To become inducted the student must attend three meetings consecutively and complete a reflection online.
To RSVP for Events:

*Go on the Society's website 
*Sign in
*Go on the My Membership Tab , then go to Chapter Events
*Click on the date you plan to attend,  and  you will see CLICK TO RSVP YOUR ATTENDANCE

Member benefits:

Pre-Induction benefits:

Who to Contact:
Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11235
Tel (718)368-5115, Fax (718)368-5366

What is the Executive Board?

The Executive Board works alongside the Advisor and Student President to support members, plan events, recruit, encourage community service and a variety of other roles and tasks involved in successfully running a chapter.

Executive Board members are encouraged to form committees as needed to help connect the members of the chapter, increase creative involvement, and provide a vehicle for enhancing the leadership skills of members. As a community of leaders it is typically very easy to find many members interested in taking a very active role.

Members interested in holding a position within the chapter can reach out to the Student President or Advisor for information about the process, they are located in C-102 (Career Development and Transfer Office). The most common Board Officers and a list of general duties are as follows:

I. PRESIDENT: The primary role of the President is recruiting new Executive Board members as needed, along with ensuring the Executive Board members have everything they need to fulfill their roles and support the chapter and members. Duties include:

  • Helping conduct Society meetings.
  • Initiating and coordinating contact with new members to welcome them into the chapter.
  • Participating in monthly Student President conference calls. If unable to attend, designating another board member to represent the chapter.
  • Work with Advisor to gather invitation materials to send to the National Office prior to the start of the semester
  • Engaging in a monthly Success Coaching session with the National Office.
  • Recruiting and leading the Executive Board.
  • Filling in for various positions as needed.

II. VICE PRESIDENT: The primary role of the Vice President is to assist the President with all duties necessary to successfully run the chapter. Duties include:

  • Overseeing special projects and holding others accountable for goals and timetables.
  • Convening special meetings of committees, and coordinating communication between committees and the rest of the Executive Board.
  • Acting for the President upon his/her absence, upon his/her request, or in the event the President is temporarily unable to serve.
  • Participating in Student President conference calls when the President is unavailable.
  • Other duties as needed/desired.

III. SECRETARY: The primary role of the Secretary is to handle all administrative tasks needed to successfully run a chapter. Duties include:

  • Taking attendance at events and entering it online.
  • Creating minutes from Executive Board meetings and emailing those minutes to the Executive Board within 24 hours of the meeting.
  • Reminding members about upcoming scholarship and award deadlines, as well as other relevant deadlines.

IV. SUCCESS NETWORKING TEAM COORDINATOR: The primary role of the SNT Coordinator is to manage all pieces needed to successfully run Success Networking Teams. Duties include:

  • Acting as the contact person for all members with SNT related questions.
  • Collecting SNT sheets during orientation and making copies to be filed
  • Organizing database of all teams and members within them.
  • Assisting members in creating new teams or joining existing teams.
  • Send friendly email reminders to SNT group members that did not submit an SNT reflection (must be submitted online in the Members Area within 24 hours of each meeting)
  • Create schedule for Executive Board to assist at 1st SNT Meetings
  • Help facilitate first SNT meetings for all groups
  • Ensure the teams have assigned roles
  • Collecting attendance sheets from each team for SNT meetings.

V. PUBLICITY CHAIR: The primary role of the Publicity Chair is to promote the Society and specific events as they occur throughout the academic year. Duties include:

  • Filling in specific location and time details on posters and flyers from the National Office.
  • Distributing flyers and posters for specific events, and ensuring they are posted across campus.
  • Sending press releases promoting upcoming events to the student newspaper and Facebook
  • Securing location, equipment, props and materials needed to hold events.
  • Ensuring photocopies of handouts are available to participants at all Society events.

Time Requirements:

Each Executive Board member will have to meet with the Advisor once a month, and will meet as an Eboard once a month.

You will be expected to attend most or all of the events held on campus, with the exception of class scheduling.


  • Placement of position on Resume
  • Increased Networking across campus
  • Personal Recommendations from Advisors, in addition to recommendations provided from the society
  • Access to Career Development Office information and assistance
  • Ability to attend a conference for NSLS free of charge
  • Additional Scholarships/Grants available for Eboard

Lillian Collazo
The National Society of Leadership and Success
Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11235
Tel(718)368-5115, Fax (718)368-5366

Refund Policy


While students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of transferring at no cost to the Online Chapter rather than giving up on leadership training altogether, those members that cannot complete the program may request a refund of the membership dues.

The National Society of Leadership and Success offers a refund of membership within 90 days from initial payment, minus a $15 enrollment fee. Society Merchandise may be returned within 90 days, provided materials are returned in their unused new condition, with no processing fee.

To request a Membership Refund or TRANSFER MEMBERSHIP into our Online Chapter:

Visit and use our online system to have your request fulfilled.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the refund process please have them reach out to