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Office Hours
Monday and Friday
9:30am - 5pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  
9:30am - 8:30pm
Room C 102

**Evening hours are only available
when class is in session

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Staff & Faculty 

Melissa Merced, Associate Director of Transfer Services

Dr. Carolyn Gribben, Senior Transfer Advisor
K. Leigh Petryssyn, Transfer Enrollment Advisor
Javon John, Transfer Advisor
Danielle McDonald, Transfer Advisor
Chrystal Cooper, Transfer Advisor
Vivian Hui, Transfer Advisor
Amanda Simpson, Transfer Advisor
Jayne Eckley, Transfer Advisor

For Transfer questions, email us at
For New Start questions, email us at
For Scholarship questions, email us at

Marisa Joseph, Associate Director of Career Services

Natasha Lauriston, Internship Coordinator
Nympha Pierre, ASAP Career Employment Specialist
Christine Davis, Internship Advisor
Keshia Daniel, Career Advisor
Wendy Harper, Service Learning Advisor

Tai Yee Ho, Career Advisor
Kali Rowe, Career Advisor
Kristen Fox, Career Advisor
Bridget Ofori, Career Advisor
Stacia Maynard, Career Advisor
Michael Aryee, Career Advisor

For Career questions, email us at
For Service Learning questions, email us at

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