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Internships Currently Available at KCC

VERA WANG- Fall 2015 Internship Academic credit is required. 12/30/2015
(C102) at Kingsborough Community College Academic credit is recommended and available.  12/01/2015
AVIATOR Sports & Events Center Food Internship Academic credit is available. 12/01/2015
Council on Foreign RelationsHours and Compensation- 16-21 hours/week; paid by the hour. 12/01/2015
Crain Communications Inc. Academic credit is recommended.  12/01/2015
DemosThis internship pays $12.25 an hour.  12/01/2015
DemosThis position pays $12.25/hour for 21 hours per week (depending on projects and scheduling). 12/01/2015
Eyebeam InternshipsAcademic credit is available. 12/01/2015
Jujamcyn TheatersAcademic Credit is available.  12/01/2015
KBCC/ Personal Counseling CenterAcademic credit is recommended.  12/01/2015
KBCC/AAS’ TCS Program Academic credit is recommended.  12/01/2015
KCSA Strategic Communications-MarketingInterns receive a travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and lunch stipend. 12/01/2015
Kings County District AttorneyAcademic credit is recommended. 12/01/2015
Marketing and Communications- InternshipAcademic credit is recommended.  12/01/2015
Metropolitan Hospital Center- VolunteerAcademic credit is available.  12/01/2015
Muslim Community Network - Fundraising & Dev.Academic credit is recommended. 12/01/2015
Muslim Community Network- Communications Academic credit is recommended. 12/01/2015
Muslim Community Network- Youth Leadership Dev. Academic credit is recommended. 12/01/2015
Muslim Consultative Network- ProgrammingAcademic credit is recommended. 12/01/2015
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