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Internships Currently Available at KCC

1/13/2015 Council on Foreign RelationsHours and Compensation- 16-21 hours/week; paid by the hour. 12/1/2015 
12/29/2014 Viacom- MTV NetworksCollege credit is not required, but we will provide appropriate documentation if necessary.  12/1/2015 
12/23/2014 The Hope Reichbach FundEach student will receive $3,500 for 10 weeks of full time work, plus unlimited metro cards. Academic credit is recommended. 2/27/2015 
12/23/2014 Columbia University- School of Continuing Ed.Interns will receive a salary of $2,000 and free room and board. Academic credit is required. 3/2/2015 
12/23/2014 The Port Authority of New York and New JerseyAcademic credit is required.  2/2/2015 
12/19/2014 MTA Internship ProgramAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 CUNY IT Specialists Internship ProgramFrom $12 to $14 an hour. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 New York PresbyterianAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Maimonides Medical Center- Volunteer CompanionYou will be provided with a complimentary meal voucher to be used at the Maimonides cafeteria and discounted parking. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Maimonides Medical Center- Hospitality VolunteerYou will be provided with a complimentary meal voucher to be used at the Maimonides cafeteria and discounted parking. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Gertner Sloan Kettering - Summer 2015Students who are accepted into the program will be offered a stipend of $4,000 and housing. Housing accommodations are available in proximity to the school for the duration of the summer program. All students deliver research presentations at a poster session at the end of the program, and four exceptional students will be named Rubin and Sarah Shaps Scholars at the end of the program. Academic credit is recommended. 2/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Albert Einstein College of Medicine- Summer 2015THE SURP SUMMER INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: •free housing in the student residence complex on the Einstein campus •$3,000 stipend •up to $500 in transportation assistance (for students who live outside the New York City metropolitan area only; international travel cannot be reimbursed)  2/1/2015 
12/18/2014 The New York County District Attorney's OfficeAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 National September 11 Memorial & MuseumAcademic credit is recommended and available. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network - Fundraising & Dev.Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network- Youth Leadership Dev. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Consultative Network- ProgrammingAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network- Communications Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Congressman Hakeem Jeffries District Office  12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Congresswoman Grace MengAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/17/2014 Kings County District AttorneyAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 Baybee Lounge DaycareInternship Credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 911 Daycare This is a PAID internship 12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 Calvary Hospice HospitalAcademic credit recommended.  12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 The NALEO Educational Fund Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 KBCC/AAS’ TCS Program Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 KBCC/ Personal Counseling CenterAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 Brooklyn Public LibraryAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 NYSERDAAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 Sweet Lee’s Desserts  12/1/2015 
11/24/2014 HACUAcademic credit is recommended. WEEKLY PAY RATES: • Sophomore/Junior $490 • Senior $520 • Graduate Student $590  2/27/2015 
11/24/2014  12/1/2015 
11/24/2014 SchoolFoodAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
11/24/2014 The hackNY Fellows programPaid 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 APPrise Mobile- Opportunity to work with senior-level executives - Hands-on experience - Travel stipend (within NY Tri-State Area) - Contribute $7/day toward lunch (*only for those interning 20 hours or more per week) - School credit (based on University/College requirements). 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications- PRInterns receive reimbursed travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and a lunch stipend ($7/day).  12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications-MarketingInterns receive a travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and lunch stipend. 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications- Social MediaInterns receive a travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and lunch stipend.  12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 (C102) at Kingsborough Community College Academic credit is recommended and available.  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 The Arthritis Foundation  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, Inc.  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 The Paper Factory Hotel  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Emma L. Bowen Foundation Students earn an hourly salary and matching funds for college expenses. Academic excellence is also a key component of the program—students are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average to remain in good standing. The Foundation staff works closely with corporate partners to monitor each student’s academic and work progress. An annual student conference, a community service program and a mentoring program are also provided to further enhance the student’s knowledge and experience. Resource guides for both students and corporate supervisors are provided to maximize the student’s experience while in the program. 1/31/2015 
11/18/2014 HOT 97 Internship credit is required. Intern must be currently attending college and provide a school letter verifying that credit will be received for the internship. All letters are verified.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 BET Networks• Internships are paid at a standard competitive hourly rate • Internships are 10-weeks minimum, with a recommended maximum of 35 hours per week • While college credit is not required, BETN will, as necessary, provide your school with credit documentation.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014  HOT 97 Internship credit is required. Intern must be currently attending college and provide a school letter verifying that credit will be received for the internship. All letters are verified. 12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Warner Music Group  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 The Wendy Williams ShowAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Brooklyn 45 Academic credit is available.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Ronald McDonald House Unpaid/School credit (academic credit required)  12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 New York City Public Service Corps Academic credit is REQUIRED. Paid internships are available to federal work-study students only. Work-study students should visit the financial aid office (U-201).  12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 NYPD PartnersAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 Pop A Bubble 12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 Coney Island HospitalAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Sirius XM Radio Must receive academic credit for participation (internships are UNPAID)  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 WPIX-TV Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Sony Music Entertainment Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 The United Nations Foundation Academic credit is REQUIRED. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Michael KorsAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 News 12 Cablevision You must also receive college credit for your internship to be eligible. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Coney Island, USA 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 CDNAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 FOX 5 WNYW and My9 WWORThis internship provides a $5.00 per day travel stipend. Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 DemosThis position pays $12.25/hour for 21 hours per week (depending on projects and scheduling). 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 DemosThis internship pays $12.25 an hour.  12/1/2015 
12/9/2013 NBCInternship Credit is recommended 12/1/2015