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Internships Currently Available at KCC

3/18/2015 HERITAGE RADIO NETWORK INTERNSHIPAcademic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
3/18/2015 HERITAGE RADIO NETWORK RESEARCH AND WRITING INTERNAcademic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
3/18/2015 Options for CollegeA monthly stipend is available. The stipend amount will depend on your schedule and availability. Academic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
3/18/2015 McMillan Paid Summer InternshipAcademic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
3/12/2015 Brooklyn Museum- Summer InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. Compensation: This internship is a paid position though the ARTS Intern program Studio in a School, for a total of $3,300. Interns will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of their internship, which will give them a discount in the Museum Shop and The Counter café, as well as free admission to most art museums throughout the country. 12/1/2015 
3/12/2015 Brooklyn Museum-Digital Collections and ServicesAcademic credit is recommended. Compensation: These are unpaid internships. Interns will have Museum volunteer status. 12/1/2015 
3/11/2015 Brooklyn Museum- ARTS InternshipCompensation: The Intern will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of the internship, which will provide a discount in the Museum Shop and The Counter café, as well as one free admission to most art museums throughout the country. Academic credit is also possible. 3/31/2015 
3/11/2015 BRIGHTWATER TOWERS OFFICE Academic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
3/6/2015 Aflac Sales InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/5/2015 Crain Communications Inc. Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 AIM AVAILABLE INTERNSHIPSAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNSHIP- AIM StrategiesAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 South Bronx United – InternshipsAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 The Gotham Gazette- Journalism InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 Lutheran Hospital Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 Lumiere Productions - Documentary InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 Kenneth Cole- Spring 2015 InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
3/3/2015 DKNY Jeans Womens Sales Internship - Spring 2015Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
2/23/2015 Marketing and Communications- InternshipAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
2/11/2015 Street Wise PartnersAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
2/11/2015 Premier Ford LincolnAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
2/11/2015 Reading Partners - Literacy TutorAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
2/9/2015 Hippocrene Books Inc.Academic credit is available. COMPENSATION: $10/day travel stipend provided 12/1/2015 
2/6/2015 Indie City IndustryUnpaid/School credit (academic credit recommended)  12/1/2015 
2/6/2015 Culinary Kids Culinary Arts InitiativesAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
2/6/2015 The International Securities Exchange Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
2/6/2015 The General Society of Mechanics and TradesmenAcademic credit is available. 12/1/2015 
2/5/2015 NYU Langone Medical CenterUnpaid/School credit (academic credit recommended)  4/1/2015 
2/4/2015 INROADS 3/31/2015 
2/4/2015 GILTAcademic credit is required. 3/27/2015 
2/4/2015 MAYOR’S COMMUNITY AFFAIRS UNIT INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
2/4/2015 THE BROOKLYN HOSPITAL CENTER Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
2/4/2015 New York State Broadcasters Association and iHeartAcademic credit is required.  4/3/2015 
2/4/2015 Assembly Member Eugene ShvartsmanAcademic credit is required.  12/1/2015 
1/13/2015 Council on Foreign RelationsHours and Compensation- 16-21 hours/week; paid by the hour. 12/1/2015 
12/29/2014 Viacom- MTV NetworksCollege credit is not required, but we will provide appropriate documentation if necessary.  12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 MTA Internship ProgramAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 CUNY IT Specialists Internship ProgramFrom $12 to $14 an hour. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 New York PresbyterianAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Maimonides Medical Center- Volunteer CompanionYou will be provided with a complimentary meal voucher to be used at the Maimonides cafeteria and discounted parking. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/19/2014 Maimonides Medical Center- Hospitality VolunteerYou will be provided with a complimentary meal voucher to be used at the Maimonides cafeteria and discounted parking. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 The New York County District Attorney's OfficeAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 National September 11 Memorial & MuseumAcademic credit is recommended and available. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network - Fundraising & Dev.Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network- Youth Leadership Dev. Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Consultative Network- ProgrammingAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Muslim Community Network- Communications Academic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Congressman Hakeem Jeffries District Office  12/1/2015 
12/18/2014 Congresswoman Grace MengAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/17/2014 Kings County District AttorneyAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/16/2014 White House - Fall 2015 InternshipAcademic credit is recommended. 4/19/2015 
12/1/2014 Baybee Lounge DaycareInternship Credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 911 Daycare This is a PAID internship 12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 Calvary Hospice HospitalAcademic credit recommended.  12/1/2015 
12/1/2014 The NALEO Educational Fund Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 KBCC/AAS’ TCS Program Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 KBCC/ Personal Counseling CenterAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 Brooklyn Public LibraryAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 NYSERDAAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/26/2014 Sweet Lee’s Desserts  12/1/2015 
11/24/2014  12/1/2015 
11/24/2014 SchoolFoodAcademic credit is recommended. 12/1/2015 
11/24/2014 The hackNY Fellows programPaid 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 APPrise Mobile- Opportunity to work with senior-level executives - Hands-on experience - Travel stipend (within NY Tri-State Area) - Contribute $7/day toward lunch (*only for those interning 20 hours or more per week) - School credit (based on University/College requirements). 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications- PRInterns receive reimbursed travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and a lunch stipend ($7/day).  12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications-MarketingInterns receive a travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and lunch stipend. 12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 KCSA Strategic Communications- Social MediaInterns receive a travel (within NY/ Tri-State Area) and lunch stipend.  12/1/2015 
11/20/2014 (C102) at Kingsborough Community College Academic credit is recommended and available.  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 The Arthritis Foundation  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, Inc.  12/1/2015 
11/19/2014 The Paper Factory Hotel  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 HOT 97 Internship credit is required. Intern must be currently attending college and provide a school letter verifying that credit will be received for the internship. All letters are verified.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 BET Networks• Internships are paid at a standard competitive hourly rate • Internships are 10-weeks minimum, with a recommended maximum of 35 hours per week • While college credit is not required, BETN will, as necessary, provide your school with credit documentation.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014  HOT 97 Internship credit is required. Intern must be currently attending college and provide a school letter verifying that credit will be received for the internship. All letters are verified. 12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Warner Music Group  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 The Wendy Williams ShowAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Brooklyn 45 Academic credit is available.  12/1/2015 
11/18/2014 Ronald McDonald House Unpaid/School credit (academic credit required)  12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 New York City Public Service Corps Academic credit is REQUIRED. Paid internships are available to federal work-study students only. Work-study students should visit the financial aid office (U-201).  12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 NYPD PartnersAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 Pop A Bubble 12/1/2015 
11/17/2014 Coney Island HospitalAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Sirius XM Radio Must receive academic credit for participation (internships are UNPAID)  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 WPIX-TV Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Sony Music Entertainment Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 The United Nations Foundation Academic credit is REQUIRED. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Academic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Michael KorsAcademic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 News 12 Cablevision You must also receive college credit for your internship to be eligible. 12/1/2015 
11/14/2014 Coney Island, USA 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 CDNAcademic credit is recommended.  12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 FOX 5 WNYW and My9 WWORThis internship provides a $5.00 per day travel stipend. Academic credit is required. 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 DemosThis position pays $12.25/hour for 21 hours per week (depending on projects and scheduling). 12/1/2015 
11/10/2014 DemosThis internship pays $12.25 an hour.  12/1/2015 
12/9/2013 NBCInternship Credit is recommended 12/1/2015