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Internships : Health Care

Company:Calvary Hospice @ Home
Calvary Hospice @ Home is a Medicare-certified Hospice program, which provides an interdisciplinary care team for patients with a terminal prognosis for all end-stage diseases.  Calvary Hospital Hospice embraces and implements the basic assumptions of the hospice concept, including palliative medical care, treating the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of the patient and family.  Hospice patients remain in the familiar, comforting surroundings of home, whether it’s a private residence, nursing home, hospital or an assisted living facility.
Qualifications or Eligibility:
Some special skills and talents are a plus: Counseling, Massage, Knitting, and Crocheting.
Students who can speak Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, French, and Creole are also needed.
**A genuine interest in the healthcare field is required**
Application Requirements:
Students must complete an application, a background check, submit two reference letters, resume, and get a free physical at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx.  To apply, please schedule an appointment with an Internship counselor in C-102.
Calvary Hospice is looking for Home Visitor and Nursing Home Volunteers to visit with patients and families to provide companionship and emotional support. You can also: escort, shop, call, deliver food and supplies.
Internship Type:Unpaid
Stipend_or_Credit:Only academic credit available.

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