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Internships : Internship Opportunity

Company:ID Security Online
Qualifications or Eligibility:• All students must be eligible to work in the US • All students must be at least 18 years old • All students must currently be enrolled in a US College or University • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office – specifically excel • Strong communication skills • Related Major (Advertising, Media, Business) • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
Application Requirements:You must submit both a resume and cover letter. Please schedule an appointment with an Internship Counselor in C102 or M101. You MUST have a copy of your resume the day of your scheduled appointment.
Responsibilities:As a sales intern your role will primarily provide support to the sales team to help the overall productivity of the company. The sales intern will be able to multitask and should feel comfortable communicating on the phone and via email. The sales intern will also attend office meetings. The intern will work on a wide array of projects including but not limited to: • Sales Calls • Order Processing • Revenue Reports • Provide assistance to the departments sales team as needed
Internship Type:Unpaid
Stipend_or_Credit:Academic credit is recommended and available
Deadline:1/1/2015 12:00 AM
Information:&nbsp; <br>TRAINING: The sales intern will need to make himself or herself available for one full (8 hour) day of training, prior to starting their internship. <br> <br>TIME FRAME: This internship will run from January 2014-May 2014. ID Security Online is seeking an intern to come into our NYC office for a minimum of 15 hours weekly

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