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Internships : Internship Opportunity

Company:J.G. Equities Group LLC
J.G. Equities is looking to build a multi-talented in-house creative team in our new building located in Brooklyn New York. The creative team will be responsible for creating websites & capture pages, creating industry specific brochures & content, creating a web & social media presence, SEO, data mining and preparation of marketing materials. After your internship is completed, full time positions are available based upon interns performance.
Qualifications or Eligibility:• Applicants must be a team player, while possessing the following skills: good management skills, good oral and writing skills Applicant must have skills in one or more of the following fields: • Web design • Graphic design • Marketing & social media marketing • Computer programming skills • Good writing skills
Application Requirements:Students must submit a resume. Schedule an appointment with an Internship Counselor in C102 or M101. You MUST have a copy of your resume with you the day of your scheduled appointment
Internship Type:

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