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Description:DESCRIPTION: At this event, students will be interviewed by NBCUniversal Intern Supervisors who are looking for Spring 2014 Interns. NBCUniversal interns gain hands-on experience in the areas they are interested in. They are given the opportunity to network with employees and attend training and development workshops and events. DATE: Friday, November 1st, 2013 TIME: 1:30-3pm – Marketing/Publicity/PR/Communications Internships (Cable businesses, NBC Entertainment, News, etc.) LOCATION: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 THINGS TO KNOW: • Students be prepared to participate in 1-2 short interviews. • Students should dress professionally. • Students should bring several copies of their resume. • Some of the interviewers will make offers for internships at the event, while some may not. • Students will learn more about NBCUniversal and our internship program at the event. • Even if you are not chosen to attend this event, you can still be considered for a Spring 2014 internship position. NEXT STEPS: 1. Visit C102 or M101 to have your resume reviewed by an Internship Counselor 2. Submit your resume for consideration for our program at (select Campus 2 Career Internship Program  Marketing (purple box)  Apply to East Coast Internships (or search for Job# 11994BR) 3. If you are interested in one of the areas the event is targeting and you pass the initial phone interview, you will be officially invited to attend this event.
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