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Internships : Internship Opportunity

Company:New York Union Semester
Student activists put their passion for social justice to work during a NY Union Semester. This semester away opportunity combines academic course work with an internship at a New York City union or labor-affiliated organization.

NY Union Semester welcomes students from all over the U.S. and other countries. It is open to undergraduates, college graduates and graduate students. Students gain an understanding of the inner workings of organized labor as interns working 32-hours a week at a host union or organization. Past Union Semester interns have assisted in organizing campaigns, researched industry trends for corporate campaigns and collaborated on union training programs.

They earn transferable college credits in courses taught by scholars and expert practitioners in labor and related fields at CUNY’s Murphy Institute. In the classroom, students analyze their intern experience and deepen their knowledge of labor and other progressive movements. Undergraduate students earn 16 college credits. Students who successfully complete their internships and a full Union Semester course load are awarded a Certificate in Labor Studies by the School of Professional Studies (SPS) CUNY.
Qualifications or Eligibility:• Undergraduates: 45 credits & 2.5 GPA (minimum)
Application Requirements:You must submit an application, resume, two references and official transcripts from Kingsborough Community College and any previously attended college(s) or university. Please schedule an appointment with an Internship Counselor in C102 or M101.
Internship Type:
Stipend_or_Credit:• $1,900 scholarship toward the in- state cost of tuition and fees <br>• $210/week stipend <br>• Monthly transit allowance to cover the cost of unlimited fares on New York City’s extensive public transit system. <br>• Academic credit is recommended. <br>
Deadline:1/1/2015 12:00 AM

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