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Internships : Internship Opportunity

Company:Brooklyn Boulders Climbing Community
An emerging lifestyle and fitness company from NYC is looking for students to join our internship program. Interns will have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, innovation and physicality. We are a fast-paced and passionate team who will value your input and trust you with meaningful responsibilities – we will also expect 100% effort from you in return. Interns will work closely with our team to create new systems and help develop and implement projects that align with our mission and your interests.
Qualifications or Eligibility:
• Leadership and Initiative. We are looking for a go-getter, someone who will take initiative, go above and beyond, and consistently exceed expectations.
• Superb communication, writing, and organizational skills.  Professionalism is a necessity. The ideal candidate will be extremely organized and efficient, with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
• Creativity and innovation. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas. Get ready to be inventive!
• Passion. We care deeply about what we do, the communities we work with, and the idea that physicality stimulates innovation and creativity.
• Flexibility.  Be ready to adapt when plans change: our organization is always evolving, and your role may evolve in turn. We want someone who is prepared to make the best of every situation.
Application Requirements:
Varies by position; 10-40 hours per week. Pay varies by position and experience; $8-10/hour
• Update Financials in our accounting system - Keep track of Invoices and Receipts.
• Maintain regular Facility chores - Using Power tools and air compressors.
• Become fluent in diagnosing and de-bugging MEP (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing) Issues.
• Learn Management and Real-Life skills that will help you forever.
• Gain experience by working with great people that execute their roles well.
Internship Type:Unpaid
Stipend_or_Credit:Academic Credit
Deadline:1/1/2015 12:00 AM
Information:You must submit both a resume and cover letter. Please schedule an appointment with an Internship counselor in C-102 or M101

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