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Cesar Paternosto / Lluis Lleo

April 18 - May 9, 2001

In this exhibition the work of abstract artists Cesar Paternosto and Lluis Lleó are brought together for the first time. Though Cesar Paternosto was born in La Plata, Argentina in 1931, and Lluis Lleó in Barcelona, Spain thirty years later in 1961, generational differences matter little, for their visions of painting, as well as their material and symbolic values, are strikingly similar. For both artists, “space”, with its multiple and diverse references to place and time, acquires a special prominence for having been conceived as the container of a universal geometry. This geometry is both an evocation and an exaltation of the purest, most primitive state of the senses. The physical presence of their paintings contain all of the weight and volume of silence; the silence that separates us while at the same time uniting us with our past. Cesar Paternosto writes of his work:

" Since the late seventies, after my first visits to the ancient sites in Peru, my painting has reflected the seminal influence of the symbolic geometry of the pre-European arts of South America, such as Inca stone structures or the textile-generated symbols... My recent sculptural works in wood or cast pigmented cement represent a further exploration of the symbolic sense of an ‘opening’, a ‘door’, or a ‘passage’, as related to the spatial geometry of primal architectonic forms ... The temple re-validates the cosmic, sacred space for the social group. Its openings (doors,windows) are ways of communicating the sacred and the profane space (Mircea Eliade). Sun Doors, from the pre-Hispanic Gateway of the Sun at the Tiahuanaco ceremonial center in the Bolivian highlands, to the portico of the Apollo temple at Delphi attest to this significance. ”

from Archetypal Geometric Forms, Cesar Paternosto

About Lluis Lleó’s work, Miguel Fernandez-Cid writes:

“ ... skin, map, limit, mystery, dimension, measure [are] concepts that emanate from and radiate in Lluis Lleó’s work; concepts that convey a confidence, a faith in painting. This is achieved not in the manner perfected by the Expressionists, but in a manner that is equally discreet and contained, perilous and visceral.”

It is my purpose to establish a direct connection with the plastic vocabulary both artists employ. The exhibition allows us to transcend through the precision of the work’s elements, its material reality, and experience the pleasure of the creative process.

Manel Lledos



Exhibition checklist

Cesar Paternosto
Post-Portico Series #4 ...
acrylic emulsion on canvas, mounted on wood

Surcos (Furrows)
acrylic emulsion and marble powder on canvas

Post-Portico Series #8
acrylic emulsion on canvas maunted on wood

In Search of Axis Mundi
pigmented cement

pigmented cement


Lluis Lleó
Shelter Twins ... image
oil and wax on canvas

Unfold Thirty-Nine
oil and wax on canvas

Drafstman's Dream
oil and wax on canvas

(What Dreams Are Made Of) 2001
watercolor and charcoal on paper



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