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Margo Herr

March 1- March 29, 2006

Margo Herr focused on forms that were personal metaphors for change and the inner spiritual journey. This retrospective exhibition traces the development of her symbolic imagery from earlier road paintings, past standing stones which disintegrate into melon slices, which transform into boats. Although her paintings derive from these objects, her work was always a balance of pure abstraction and identifiable subject matter. She didn't feel she had to choose.

Poised between these two ideas she expressed the mystery of forms that inspired her through the intensity of her painting technique. By repeatedly applying, scraping and layering paint, gold leaf, metallic oils and varnishes Margo released the mysterious inner energies of images, even seemingly as unchanging as stones. Her study of Jung led to a fascination with symbolism and iconography that culminated in the depiction of the Egyptian sailing vessals that carried the soul from life to death.

This exhibition also features examples from Margo's long career as a graphic designer. Her use of watercolor, collage and typography in her book jacket designs led to the continual reappearance of these same techniques in her paintings and drawings, epitomized by the joyful exploration of natural transformation in her flower series.

Margo said, "Nature is the source for everything I desire to make. At its best it is the thing itself (a flower, a stone, a road or landscape) made by me - imbued with the extra feelings that I cannot place in the world in any other way."

Kate Missett

Exhibition checklist

Bow III ...image
oil on canvas, 1993

Red Roads
oil on canvas, 1978

The Geomancer's Stone
oil on canvas, 1988

Untitled, Egyptian Boat
oil on canvas, 1991

Untitled, Egyptian Boat
oil on canvas, 1993

Boat of the Sun
oil on canvas, 1992

Pink and Green Egypt
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution I
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution II
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution III
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution IV
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution VIII
oil on canvas, 1990

Dissolution Red
oil on canvas, 1990

Small Green Egyptian Boat
oil on canvas, 1991

Blue Boat
watercolor, 1993

Untitled Boat
watercolor, 1996

I Have Passed Over It
watercolor, 1996

With the Shining Ones
watercolor, 1996

Winter Roads
oil on board (two panels)

Red Iris
watercolor, 2002

watercolor, 2002

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