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Brooklyn Watercolor Society
June 29 - July 20, 2005

Martha Antaya
Robert Axelrod
Matthew Bialer
Nan Carey
Eleanor Comins
Jeremy Comins
Arlene Cornell
John Dillon
Irina Dzelvel
Gilda Ferrara
Terry Ferrier
Charles J. Gerhard
Ruth Herzog
Ellen Hoyt
Paul Keim

Mehmet Kraja
Judith Kunhardt
Christian L. Legars
Carol Lipton
Helena Neesemann
Miriam Paul
Loretta Poole
Mark Rabinovich
Stephanie Rauchschenbusch
Olive Reich
Phyllis Rutigliano
Nina Suarez
Margaret Wolf
Stephen Yaeger

Since its development in the 18th and 19th centuries, watercolor has always intrigued us with its versatility. The medium is often intimate and casual when employed in quick sketches. Watercolor has been used as a vehicle for accurate recordings of nature, and it lends itself to bold, abstract statements. Watercolor is portable and has no size limitations. Watercolor's range appeals to artists of diverse schools.

The richness of a well-developed watercolor painting is the result of light reflected off the surface of a white sheet of paper passing through several washes of color. The layering of color allows infinite subtlety. Variety in brush strokes, lines, and wiping further provide possibilities for developing an interesting image. Exploiting these possibilities to best advantage is the pleasure and challenge of watercolor painting.

The Brooklyn Watercolor Society began thirty-three years ago when a group of ten dedicated Brooklyn watercolorists organized to share their interest in the medium and mount exhibitions. In subsequent years BWS has exhibited in and around Brooklyn in a variety of venues. These include the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Borough Hall, and the National Arts Club in Manhattan. The members of the Society are experienced painters, teachers, and illustrators. Meetings are held regularly to share information and exchange views. Currently, BWS has forty members.


Robert Axelrod


Brooklyn Watercolor Society




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