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Course Offerings

MUS 21 -- INTRODUCTION to JAZZ (3 crs. 3 hrs)
Historical approach to the jazz idiom through readings and guided listening. Topics include: the roots of jazz music, New Orleans jazz, Chicago style, Kansas City style, swing, bebop, new wave, and progressive jazz.

MUS 22 -- MUSIC of the TWENTIETH CENTURY (3 crs. 3 hrs)
Introduction to the varied sounds of 20th century music. Emphasis on major musical achievements of the century by European and American composers, including Stravinsky, Bartok, Schonberg, Gershwin, Bernstein, Copland and Cage.

MUS 23 -- SONGWRITING (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
This course is a practical introduction to song composition. It is designed for the beginner and will deal with music notation, melody writing, chord choice, song form, setting words to music, and the making of scores and lead sheets.

MUS 24 -- OPERA (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Development of Opera, its sociological and political aspects, and its rich and varied literature in the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Modern Eras. Renowned operatic masterworks included.

MUS 27 -- MUSIC of the WORLD'S PEOPLE (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
A listening survey of various folk and ethnic music forms performed and practiced worldwide by various social groups. Songs and dances associated with love, war, and rites of passage; evocative forms; drumming, chanting; instruments and languages as related to the musical forms; social, geographic, historical elements and their musical relevance.

MUS 30-- RUDIMENTS of THEORY (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
A first course in music theory for students with no previous musical training, but an interest in acquiring basic skills in music reading, writing, and performance. Topics include: note reading and writing in treble and bass clef, major and minor scales, intervals and chords.

MUS 31 -- THE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Development of perceptive awareness of music through guided listening. Materials and forms of music and their use in musical literature.

MUS 40-- MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) STUDIO OPERATIONS (1 cr.1 hr.)
Hands-on study of interaction and operation of electronic instruments found in a typical commercial MIDI studio; drum machine, multi-channel synthesizer, intelligent MIDI switch box, special effects processor. Equipment is used with an IBM PC to produce a stereo cassette recording.
Prerequisite: MUS 30

MUS 41-- SEQUENCING (2 crs. 2 hrs.)
Hands-on introduction to the operation of music sequencing software for the IBM PC. Students use the sequencer programs to create original music.
Prerequisite: MUS 30

MUS 42-- SOUND SYNTHESIS (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Introduction to state-of-the-art microcomputer applications in music composition. Topics include: MIDI Protocol, Digital Sound Synthesis, MIDI driven Sequencer, Patch Librarian Software.
Prerequisite: MUS 30

The twelve-tone chromatic scale, harmony, dissonance and melody patterns will be discussed and practiced.
Corequisite: MUS 30 or permission of instructor


MUS 48 -- MUSIC THEORY/EAR TRAINING (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
This course explores the musical skills necessary for performing, engineering and producing music. Both theory practice (including dictation, melody writing and arranging) and ear training (including sight singing, rhythmic and interval exercises) will be investigated.

MUS 51 -- MUSIC LITERATURE (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Study of the form and content of standard Western art-music repertoire through scores and records; biographical overview of famous composers and, use of expressive terminology. Formal/analytic concepts (cadence, phrase structure, binary, ternary, variation, rondo, sonata-allegro, etc.). Stylistic characteristics of the major Western musical epochs are examined.
Prerequisite: MUS 30

MUS 81-- INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-3 crs. 1-3 hrs.)
Independent study of Education is developed individually between student and faculty member and must be approved by the Department.

MUS 82 -- (1-3 crs. 1-3 hrs.)
This course is of a topical and pilot nature and is designed to meet the immediate needs and interests of various student populations. It is offered for a maximum of two semesters.

MUS 91 -- CHORUS * (1 cr. 3 hrs.)
(Spring and Fall)

MUS 92 -- BAND * (1 cr. 3 hrs.)
(Spring and Fall)
Concert Band; Stage Band; Guitar Ensemble or Percussion Ensemble.

MUS 93 -- ORCHESTRA * (1 crs. 3 hrs.)
(Spring and Fall)

MUS 94 -- CHORUS (1/2 cr. 1 1/2 hrs.)
(Winter and Summer)

MUS 95 -- BAND (1/2 cr. 1 1/2 hrs.)
(Winter and Summer)

MUS 96 -- ORCHESTRA (1/2 cr. 1 1/2 hrs.)
(Winter and Summer)

HUM 1 -- HUMANITIES: FREEDOM and CONTROL: CULTURE in the 20th CENTURY (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Course explores literature, drama, art, and music in today's world. Attempts are made to place 20th century developments into an historical context and illustrate the continuity of culture.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in "
College Now" Program.

* Required for students in the Special Music Program (Local 802)




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