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Course Descriptions for

A.A.S in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Degree- HOME


TAH 07100 – Introduction to Professional Food Service (3 crs. 3 hrs.) (existing course) An introduction to the various components of the professional food service industry. This includes the history, scope, classification, trends and the role of the customer.

CA 00100 – Culinary Arts I: Skills (3 crs. 5 hrs) (new course) Introduction to fundamental cooking terminology, techniques, and theories. Proper knife handling with safety and sanitation practices emphasized through classical vegetable cuts and stock, soup, and sauce production. Equipment use and product identification including herbs, produce, dairy, fish, poultry, and meat, as well as the staples of cold and dry pantries. Egg cookery introduced as a prelude to the different cooking techniques covered in CA 2 Culinary Arts II: Major Techniques. An introduction to palate development through proper use of seasoning and frequent tasting, and professional development of timing, sense of urgency, and organization are core concepts of this course. NRAEF ManageFirst: Food Production certification.

CA 00200 - Culinary Arts II: Major Techniques (3crs. 5 hrs) (prereq. CA 00100) (new course) Continued study of fundamental cooking terminology and theories, and a detailed examination of the major cooking techniques. Proper equipment and knife handling with safety and sanitation practices emphasized through fish, poultry, and meat fabrication. Food groups including fresh and dry pasta, bean and legumes, rice and grains, vegetable and potato, and advanced small sauce and soup production explored through the major cooking techniques. Breakfast and brunch cookery simulates production setting and various cooking stations. Introduction to simple plate presentation, banquet-style lunch service, and cost control theories reinforce the practical business aspects of running a revenue-generating food production facility.

CA 01100 – Baking and Pastry (formerly TAH 8212) (3crs. 5 hrs) (prereq. TAH 1 or TAH 71) (existing course, new number) An introduction and foundation to the fundamentals of baking and pastry making. Course work includes yeasted and quick breads, pies and tarts, choux pastry, phyllo and puff pastry applications, basic cakes, cookies, ice cream and sorbets, Bavarians and mousses, and fruit cookery. Emphasis is placed on correct technique and product quality.

CA 02100 – Food Safety and Sanitation Certification (1 cr. 2 hrs) (new course) Practices for serving safe food and maintaining a sanitary kitchen environment. Topics include preventing food-borne illnesses, food microbes, food allergens, contamination, worker hygiene, the flow of food from purchasing and receiving through production and service, food safety management systems, maintaining sanitary facilities and integrated pest management. This course prepares students for both the ServSafe examination from the National Restaurant Association and the New York City Foodhandler examination from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

CA 00300 – Garde Manger and Charcuterie (3 crs. 5hrs) (prereq CA 00100) (new course) Introduction to fundamental cooking terminology, techniques, and theories in the cold kitchen. Areas of study include salads, sandwiches, appetizers, canapés, and hors d’oeuvres with emphasis on flavor profiles, visual composition, and buffet presentation. Charcuterie explored through sausage making, cured and smoked foods, and lastly, the use of forcemeats in terrines, pâtés, galantines, and roulades. Emphasis placed on traditional, prudent and practical use of repurposing meat. Appropriate garniture and accoutrements will reinforce palate development, aesthetics, and classic and modern culinary trend.

CA 01200 – Patisserie (3crs. 5 hrs) (prereq CA 01100) (new course) Continued study of the fundamentals of baking and pastry and the introduction of more advanced techniques. Course work includes artisan-style yeast breads; laminated dough fabrication including puff pastry, Danish dough, and croissant dough; classic and contemporary layered cakes; classic specialty pastries; advanced cookies; introduction to petit fours; meringues. Emphasis is placed on correct technique, product quality, and increased evaluation skills in critiquing taste, texture, and appearance. Production culminates in finished products suited for buffet or ala carte service with appropriate garniture, sauces, and presentation. Students begin mirroring the professional pastry kitchen and learn larger volume production to keep pastry essentials on hand.

CA 06000 – Beverage Management (3crs. 3 hrs) (prereq TAH 1 or TAH 71) (new course) Introduction to managing and serving wine, beer, spirits, and non-alcoholic libations and their ever growing relevance in the restaurant industry from both a culinary and marketing perspective. Investigation of historical, geographical, cultural, and potentially profitable roles beverages play. Terminology and theories of pairing beverages with food, production, sanitation, employee management, purchasing, receiving, storing, and regulation is explored. Development of new beverage concepts. NRA Educational Foundation ServSafe Alcohol certification.

TAH 07200 – Restaurant and Food Service Operations (3 crs. 3 hrs.) (existing course) Introduction to restaurant concepts and operations for students who want to open their own restaurant or manage a restaurant or catering establishment. This course is a blueprint for how to proceed from the conceptual development stage through the marketing, operations and management of a restaurant or catering facility.

TAH 07400 – Menu and Dining Room Management (3 crs. 3 hrs.) (existing course) The important role of proper wait service to the tourism and hospitality industry will be discussed. Case studies, cost, and control factors in the construction and management of a function menu will be covered. New trends and developments will be explored as they relate to catering, trade shows, and professional meetings.

CA 09000 – Global Culinary Improvisation (3 crs. 5 hrs) (prereq CA 00100 and CA 00200) (new course) Principles and practice of identification, comparison, and evaluation of selected foods, ingredients, techniques, and equipment for recipe formulation, menu planning, and preparation, with an emphasis on modifications to meet specific requirements. This is a capstone course focused on improvisational, interactive exercises designed to build culinary skills rather than replication of techniques and recipes. Also culinary arts as an integrative creative enterprise synthesizing food science, visual arts, aesthetics of flavor, management and performance is emphasized. Activities are structured around five competencies: problem-solving, culinary improvisation, flavor and palate development, leadership and teamwork, and communication. Application of global flavor principles and ingredients.

CA 09200 – Internship in Culinary Arts (3 crs 9 hrs) (prereq CA 00100 and CA 00200) (new course) To integrate theory and practice by applying acquired skills in an actual work environment, eight hours per week of supervised field experience in culinary arts plus one hour a week on campus for a seminar discussion of relevant topics. Classroom sessions focus on industry-specific career development and planning skills, and preparation of a professional portfolio.

CA 05000 – Food and Beverage Cost Control (3 crs 3 hrs) (prereq TAH 1 or TAH 71) (new course) The application of tools to manage and control food and labor costs in the food service industry. Students learn the fundamental flow of the purchasing cycle including procuring vendors, selecting products, placing orders, and proper receiving procedures. Emphasis placed on understanding and controlling food and labor costs through forecasting, inventory evaluation, and income statements..

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