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 Kingsborough Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and offers a Nursing Program that is approved by the New York State Education Department. This nursing education program is a candidate for accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing; 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326. The graduate receives an Associate in Applied Science Degree and is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). You can obtain additional information about this examination at

The mission of the Nursing Program at Kingsborough Community College is to develop competent Registered Professional Nurses who provide current, safe, holistic care to culturally diverse populations. An appropriate balance between general education and nursing courses prepares students to administer patient-centered care. Graduates are prepared for entry into practice, articulation with institutions of higher learning, and engagement in life-long learning. To these ends, the Nursing Program strives to fulfill the following goals:

  • To offer a superior education to nursing students.
  • To educate future registered nurses to practice in the state of New York under New York State regulations.

Organization of Nursing Program 

The nursing curriculum is based on current nursing practice, which is reflected in NLN Associate Degree Competencies, ANA Standards of Nursing Practice, and the New York State Practice Act.  The Faculty endorses the use of Quality and Safety for Nurses (QSEN) Initiative, incorporating the concepts of patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, teamwork and collaboration, quality improvement, patient safety, and informatics; the Nursing Process; and the Categories of Client Needs, developed by the National Council of State Boards for Nursing (NCSBN), to serve as a framework for the development of the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) curriculum.  Additionally, the Faculty supports the recommendations of The Joint Commission (TJC) National Patient Safety Goals (2013).  In order to meet the mission of the Nursing program student learning outcomes are based on current practice.  The faculty apply educational theory appropriate for student learning, organizing from simple to complex.  Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives is used to level student learning.  The faculty further incorporates as part of the curriculum Knowles Theory of Adult Education.  This theory promotes the development of critical thinking, clinical judgment, and the delivery of excellence in patient-centered care to adult students who make up the demographics of the Nursing program.

In order to be licensed as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State you must: 

  • be of good moral character
  • be at least eighteen years of age
  • meet professional education and examination requirements
All licensed professional registered nurses must adhere to rules of professional conduct. The Education Law includes definitions of professional misconduct, and the Board of Regents has rules defining unprofessional conduct. The New York State Educational Department, The Office of Professional Discipline, investigates all applicants who have a prior criminal conviction(s) and/or pending criminal charges (felony or misdemeanor). Following its investigation a determination will be made as to the applicant's eligibility for licensure. Additional information can be obtained at

Graduates of the KCC nursing program who pass the NCLEX-RN examination can seek employment as a registered nurse in hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, home care and other community-based locations. The license to practice enables you to obtain a position working in such areas as medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, and maternity.


Information about nursing as a career and job opportunities and scholarship information can be obtained from the American Nurses Association at Other informative sites for information about a career in nursing as well as a source of support while a student nurse is the National Student Nurse Association at Discover Nursing at, The National Black Nurses Association at,

The National Hispanic Nurses Association at, and The Transcultural Nursing Society at

The faculty and staff at Kingsborough Community College are ready to support your education and professional growth. The nursing courses are taught by Masters and Doctoral prepared registered nurses who have many years of clinical practice experience. The nursing club is a campus organization of pre-clinical and clinical nursing students designed to provide support, assistance, and collaboration during the student experience. The nursing club can be contacted at 718-368-5522

The profession calls for lifelong learning. The KCC nursing program has articulation agreements with colleges including Adelphi University, The College of Staten Island, New York University, and the State University of New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn (Downstate Medical College). These agreements allow you to easily transfer credits towards completing a Baccalaureate degree in nursing.

Nursing Program Components

Admission to Kingsborough Community College does not guarantee admission to the Nursing Program. The Nursing Program consists of two components, Pre-Clinical and Clinical. To enter the Clinical component students must first complete the Pre-Clinical sequence of the program. To obtain specific information about college admission requirements and or to obtain an application contact:, or call 1 718 COLLEGE.

Enrollment in the Nursing Curriculum: Student must be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component, Code 99. Students who are not officially designated at Code 99 must apply for a Change of Curriculum during the time period noted on the official academic calendar of the college. This calendar is usually printed in the front of the Schedule of Classes or can be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, A-101.

To be considered for the Clinical component of the Nursing program students must comply with the following:

  • be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component:
  • complete any required remediation before completion of the four courses in the Pre-Clinical sequence
  • complete the four courses in the Pre-Clinical sequence: ENG 12 or ENG 24, PSY 11, BIO 11, and SCI 25;
  • complete the four courses in the Pre-Clinical sequence with at least a grade point average of 2.5 AND earn at least a "B" in two courses (one of which must be in SCI 25 or BIO 11)
  • students who have repeated and/or withdrawn from any of the Pre-clinical sequence course may not be considered for admission to the Nursing program.
  • transfer students from other colleges must be in good standing. Students who are on academic probation, or have been administratively dismissed from a nursing program at a previous school are not eligible for admission to the Nursing program.
  • all grades received for courses taken in the Pre-Clinical sequence will be included in the Pre-Clinical grade point average computation
  • submit transcripts from other colleges (NOTE: The letter grades earned in the Pre-Clinical sequence courses at other colleges will be used to determine eligibility for admission.)
  • perform satisfactorily on the National League for Nursing Pre-Admission RN examination (PAX-RN) -- information about this exam is available at
  • pass the CUNY Assessment test or meet all requirements for existing ACT in Reading and Writing and the Mathematics developmental coursework.

PLEASE NOTE WELL: As of Fall 2009 all CUNY clinical Nursing students must provide documentation as to legal status in the United States in one of these categories:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Permanent residency
  • International Student with F1 Status
  • Granted asylum, refugee Status, Temporary protected Status, Withholding of Removal, or deferred Action Status by the U.S. Government

Students who successfully complete the prescribed Pre-Clinical sequence requirements may formally file for enrollment into the Clinical component of the Nursing Program. Completion of the above conditions does not guarantee admission into the Clinical component; this is based on space availability, the Pre-Clinical sequence average, and the PAX-RN examination results.

Qualified applicants who are not admitted to the Clinical component due to lack of available space will not be placed on a waiting list or be given preferential admission into a later class. After having attempted 25 credits at Kingsborough, Pre-Clinical nursing students who are not admitted into the Clinical component MUST FILE for a change of curriculum into another degree program or they will be automatically transferred into Liberal Arts. Exception to this rule can only be made by the Nursing Department Admission, Progression, and Retention (APR) committee.

Application forms and specific filing dates for the Clinical component of the Nursing Program are available in the Nursing Department office, MAC 401. The completed form should be filed in that office during the Spring or Fall semester in which the student expects to complete the Pre-clinical requirements. Students completing the requirements during the Summer or Winter module should file their application in the following Fall or Spring semester.

Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
Licensed practical nurses (LPN) who are accepted into the Clinical component may receive credit for NUR 1800 (Fundamentals of Nursing) by earning a score of Level 2 or better on the ATI Proctored RN Fundamentals Exam. These candidates may receive credit for NUR 1700 by achieving a grade of "B" or better on the NUR 1700 final examination.  Candidates wishing to earn these credits by examinations must meet with the Department Chairperson.



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