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Women`s & Gender Studies program Contact Information:
Room: F115/ Phone: 718-368-5162

It is expected that within the next 20 years, women and ethic minorities will become the majority of the workplace. Understanding issues of economics, race, and gender will be key for both employers and employees. Women`s and Gender Studies courses also help women and men understand gender issues in relationship, families and social life.
To complete this concentration you must take HIS 6600 (Women in the Social Sciences) and at least 9 credits of course that are designated as Women`s Studies.

Women`s & Gender Studies courses:
ART 3900   
History of Women in Art
ANT 3700*  Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 3900*  Sexuality and Culture
BIO 2800    Biology of Women
ENG 1200*  Freshman English I
ENG 2400*  Freshman English II
ENG 6700    Women and Literature
HE 3800      Women`s Health Issues
HE 5200*    Human Sexuality
HE 5400      Men`s Health Issues
HIS 6600    Women in the Social Sciences
HIS 6800    Women in American History
MCM 3000* Mass Media
MH 3700*   Introduction to Domestic Violence Counseling
MUS 3100* The Musical Experience
PEW 2100   Personal Self Defense for Women
POL 7500    Women in Politics
PSY 1100*  General Psychology
PSY 3700    Psychology of Women
SOC 3100*  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3800    Sociology of Gender
SPA 7000*  Spanish Cinema
*Not all sections of courses focus on Women`s & Gender Studies. See CUNY First Portal for specific section.

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