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Criminal Justice is the scientific study and application of law and natural sciences to the social phenomena of crime and delinquency. The focus of Criminal Justice centers on definitions, causation, prevention, legal processes, and the treatment/rehabilitation of criminals in our society.
Kingsborough Community College has instituted an unprecedented partnership with John Jay College of Criminal Justice to facilitate the seamless transfer of students graduating with an A.A. in criminal justice to John Jay to complete their criminal justice baccalaureate studies.

Criminal Justice courses:
POL 5100 American Government and Politics
POL 6300 Introduction to Criminal Justice
POL 6400 Crime and Punishment
POL 6600 Constitutional Law
POL 6700 the American Legal System: the Courts
POL 7200 Minorities and the Criminal Justice System
CRJ 6900 Policing
CRJ 7000 Corrections and Sentencing
SOC 3100 Introduction to Sociology
For course description, see KBCC college catalog

Criminal Justice Contact Information:

Room: D317
Phone: 718-368-4640

CUNY Four-Year Colleges that Offer a Criminal Justice degree:
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Other CUNY colleges

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