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While students planning to attend other business schools can articulate well with a degree in Business Administration or Accounting, the Liberal Arts Concentration-Baruch Business Transfer Option meets all Liberal Arts requirements and includes the five business courses required by Baruch College. By completing this concentration, students maximize their course transferability into Baruch's Zicklin School of Business program Additionally, even those students ultimately deciding not to transfer to Baruch College, earn an AA degree in Liberal Arts which transfers well throughout CUNY and at various other universities.

Baruch Business Transfer Option courses:
ACC 1100
Fundamentals of Accounting I
BA 1200  
Business Law I
BA 6200  
Management Information Systems
ECO 1200
ECO 1300 Microeconomics
Note that not all courses are offered every semester
For course description, see KBCC college catalog

CUNY Four-Year colleges that offer a Business degree:
Baruch College (Articulation Agreement)
Other CUNY colleges

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