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Advisory Board
Liberal Arts Program

Purpose: The purpose the Advisory Board is to discuss any issue that needs to be discussed such as curriculum, assessment, events and/or advisement.

Meetings: The Advisory Board typically meets once a semester though more meetings may arise when needed.

Members: The Liberal Arts Advisory Board is composed of faculty at Kingsborough Community College who teach in the Liberal Arts program and staff who help with advisement. The Director of the program serves as the Chairperson of the group. All Concentration Directors are members of the Advisory Board. Finally, two students may also serve on the Advisory Board.

Below is a list of the Advisory Board Members 2017 - 2018:
Professor Ryan Chaney – Anthropology
Professor Rick Repetti-Global & Environmental Studies
Professor Evrick Brown– Sociology
Professor Cindy Greenberg – Speech and Chair
Professor William Winter - Psychology
Professor Caterina Pierre – Art
Professor Richard Legum - Philosophy
Professor Florence Schneider- Education
Professor Shawna Brandle – Political Science
Professor Lili Shi – Speech Communications
Professor Michael Sokolow - History
Professor Jane Weiss – English
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