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The purpose of the sport management concentration is to prepare students for a baccalaureate degree in athletics, sports and recreation management. Also, to provide students with the educational and practical experiences for careers in sport management.


Over the years, a career in Sport Management has gained acceptance as a major professional degree leading to a satisfying career.
The career of Sport Management can be defined as people who have sports background experience, management experience and/or a business background. Every professional sports team has people that bring these skills to the organization.



For example, the New York Yankees, from the owners to the general manager to the baseball manager, are involved in some form of sport management. Not only do professional sports organizations provide jobs in sports management, so do college campus athletic departments. For example, college athletic departments provide positions as athletic directors, assistant directors, intramural sports managers, club sports managers, sports information directors, and sports facility operations managers.

In addition, a Sport Management degree can also be useful in seeking a position with the Parks and Recreation Departments, YMCA's, and Community Sports Centers (Boys' Club) or students can start their own specific sports business. In summary, a degree in Sport Management can provide many career job opportunities dependent on an individual's personal career interests and goals. 




(All courses are 3 credits each except ACC 11
which is 4 credits)

RPE 7 - Introduction to Sports Management
RPE 11 - Introduction to Recreation
RPE 12 - Leadership in Recreation and Physical Education
RPE 32 - Organization & Administration of Recreation Programs
RPE 40 - Sports & American Society
RPE 46 - Facilities Planning in Sports
RPE 91 - Field Experience in Physical Education, Recreation and Recreation Therapy
BA 11- Fundamentals of Business
BA 14 - Principles of Marketing
BA 31 - Organization Behavior and Management
ECO 12 - Macroeconomics
ACC 11 - Fundamentals of Accounting


Dr. Nicholas Skirka (5290)

Prof. Michele Bracco (5197)

OFFICE – E-115

Phone:718 368-5831



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