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The Brooklyn Gateway - The Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Model

The peer-led team learning (PLTL) model utilizes the teaching talents of undergraduate students who have been successful in gateway courses, are taking subsequent, sequential science courses, and who have agreed to become peer-leaders and to hold learning sessions for small groups of students (6-8) currently enrolled in a specific gateway course. The peer leaders undergo training under the guidance of the faculty members teaching the gateway courses and meet with faculty each week for 1-2 hours to prepare for the weekly PLTL session with the undergraduates. PLTL sessions are not tutoring sessions to prepare students for examinations in the gateway courses! PLTL sessions are designed to help students to think and work in the gateway subject areas through carefully guided exercises that have been formally written by the faculty involved in the program. Tutoring sessions are available in addition to the PLTL sessions and these may also be conducted by the same peer leaders who conduct the PLTL sessions. In the Brooklyn Gateway model of PLTL, undergraduate students are paid a stipend for registering for sections of the gateway courses in which the PLTL method is utilized. The Peer Leaders are also paid for their efforts. Group trips to local science institutions are organized with study aids to guide students through the exhibits. Students have access to on-line advisement and have access to research opportunities after completing gateways courses and becoming peer leaders.

The Peer-Led Team Learning model may be studied in depth at any or all of the following 5 sites:

1. The Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop Project at CCNY

2. The Peer-Led Team Learning Approach to General Chemistry at Miami University, Oxford Ohio

3. PLTL Project Center for Research and Evaluation at the Center for Advanced Study in Education The Graduate Center, CUNY

4. Peer-Led Team Learning Department of Chemistry The University of Montana Missoula, MT 59812

5. The Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education CASPiE PLTL Workshop - March 4-5, 2005 | University of Illinois at Chicago 





















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