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Lesson 9 Prokaryotes


I. General facts


II. Characteristics of prokaryotes

A. The cell

B. Shape of the prokaryotes


III. Bacterial growth and reproduction

A. Nature of bacterial growth

B. Reproduction

1. Bacterial fission

2. Budding

3. Fragmentation

C. Genetic variation happens through:

1. Conjugation

2. Transaction by other virus

3. Transformation


IV. Prokaryote diversity and mode of nutrition

A. Eubacteria

1. Photoautotrophs

2. Photoheterotrophs

3. Chemoautotrophs

4. Chemoheterotrophs

B. Archaebacteria

1. Methanogens

2. Halophiles

3. Thermoacidophiles


V. Importance of prokaryotes

A. Ecological

B. Disease

C. Medical

D. Commercial

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