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Lesson 6 Population Ecology

Self Study Test


I. Introduction

Population growth and its consequences

II. Characteristics of population

A. Population density

B. Population dispersion

C. Reproductive rates

III. Population growth size and exponential growth

A. Factors of population growth

B. Biotic potential - maximal growth rate given ideal conditions produces exponential growth if not restrained

C. Environmental resistance limits population growth

1. Carrying capacity (K population): Environmental resistance causes population to stabilize at or below the carrying capacity

2. Factors that limit the population growth

a. Density dependent factors
    Competition (inter and intraspecific)

b. Density-independent factors
    Weather, pesticides, pollutants, etc.

IV. Life history patterns

A.r strategy

B. K strategy

C. Types of survivorship curves

V. Application to human population

A. Human population growth exponential but finite

1. Necessity to demographic transition

2. Age structure diagram and its importance

B. Difficulties in estimating the carrying capacity

C. Population growth and economic development

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