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Lesson 16 Plant Responses to the Environment


I. Mechanism of plant responses to stimuli

A. Signal transduction and plant response

B. Horticultural applications of plant hormones

II. Plant responses to hormones

A. Discovery of auxin

B. The action of plant hormones

1. Auxin

2. Cytokinin

3. Gibberellin

4. Abscissic acid

5. Ethylene

C. The plant life cycle and plant hormones

1. Seed dormancy and abscissic acid

2. Seed germination

3. Seedling growth

4. Shoot growth

5. Root growth

6. Mature plant growth

7. Vascular tissue differentiation

8. Seed and fruit development

9. Fruit ripening

10. Senescence and dormancy


III. Plant response to stimuli

A. Phytochrome and its action:
Daylength controls flowering - long day, short day and day-neutral plants

B. The response to light

1. Periodism and flowering

2. Circadian rhythm


IV. Plant response to other stimuli

A. Response to gravity

B. Response to mechanical stimuli

C. Response to stress


V. Plant defense

A. Defense against herbivores

B. Defense against pathogens

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