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Lesson 15 Plant Reproduction


I. Sexual reproduction

A. The alteration of generations

1. The sporophyte stage - diploid

2. The gametophyte stage - haploid

B. Flower structure

1. Male and female structure

2. Complete versus incomplete flowers

3. Monocious versus diocioeus flowers

C. Gametophyte development

1. Involves meiosis followed by mitosis to reach te mature gameophyte

2. Pollen - the male gameophyte

3. Embryo sac - the female gameophyte

D. Pollination and fertilization

1. Pollination and fertilization

2. Double fertilization

a. Sperm and egg - zygote

b. Sperm and polar nuclei - endosperm

E. Development of seeds and fruits

1. Seed development - monocots versus dicots

2. Fruit development

a. Wall of the ovary develops into fruit

b. Fruit aids in the dispersal of the seed

F. Seed dormancy

G. Seed germination

1. The process of germination

2. Monocots versus dicots


II. Asexual reproduction

A. Definition: it is a process of cloning

B. The different modes of asexual reproduction

1. Vegetative reproduction

a. Runner

b. Rhizome

c. Corm

d. Tuber

e. Bulb

2. Parthenogenisis

3. Vegetative propagation

4. Tissue culture propagation

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