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Lesson 14 - Plant Nutrition and Transport

I. General requirement of plant

            A. Mineral requirement
                        1. Macronutrients
                        2. Micronutrients

            B. Water and other inorganic matter
                        1. Water
                        2. Carbon dioxide

            C. Soil: importance in the plant nutrition
                        1. Texture and composition
                        2. Organic matter and humus

            D. Other requirement and resources
                        1. Fertilizers: Characteristics
                        2. Irrigation
                        3. Nitrogen fixation
                        4. Micorrhizae

II. Transport in plant

            A. General description
                        1. Recall of the passive and active transport concepts
                        2. Water potential:
                                    a. Definition
                                    b. Quantitative analysis and effect on the transport
                        3. Types of movement of water and solutes
                                    a. Symplastic
                                    b. Apoplastic

            B. Transport of Minerals and water
                        1. Absorption in the roots
                        2. Transport in the xylem
                                    a. Root pressure
                                    b. Transpiration-cohesion-tension theory
                        3. Control of transpiration

            C. Transport of sugar
                        1. Definition
                        2. Mechanism of translocation: Pressure flow theory

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