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Lesson 10 Origens of Eukaryotes and Protista


I. Introduction

A. General characteristics of eukaryotes

B. Importance of protista and classification

C. Characteristics of protista


II. Origins and early diversity of eukaryotes

A. The endomembrane enfolding and its consequences

B. The endosymbiosis

1. The primary endosymbiosis

a. Mitochondria

b. Chloroplast

c. Other transfer

2. Secondary endosymbiosis

a. Plastid origins


III. Overview of protistan kngdom

A. Diplomonadida and parabasala

B. Euglenozoa

C. Alveolates

1. Dinoflagellates

2. Apicomplexans

3. Ciliates

D. Straminopila

1. Oomycota

2. Diatoms

3. Golden algae

4. Brown algae

E. Rhodophyta (Red algae)

F. Viridiplantae (Green algae)

G. Mycetozoa

H. Others (uncertain phylogeny)

1. Rhizopods

2. Actinopods

3. Foramineferans


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