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A career in education is interdisciplinary, which allows for a wide variety of activities that bring valuable and fun experiences for children and teachers, such as visiting a farm!
Experience is invaluable. That’s why our program introduces students to actual classroom teaching experiences early in their career.
Kingsborough students work directly with children in schools, allowing them to apply the educational theories they learned in class.
Our professors work closely with students to develop their professional expertise and ensure a smooth transition from learning in our classrooms to teaching in their own.
Kingsborough is constantly seeking opportunities to establish new community partners. In Fall 2013, our EDC 2200 class partnered with the Child Development Center to facilitate art activities with children.
Kingsborough’s involvement in student teaching and other community events can lead to exciting opportunities for students. Our students sometimes receive job offers from the places they work at!

There are many exciting and rewarding career opportunities that can result from a program of study in education. Such careers include, but are not limited to, becoming an early childhood or elementary school teacher, a daycare provider, a child care specialist, or a counselor.

The courses offered in our education program are grounded in theory of child development, which is the foundation of our profession.  In addition, the program incorporates fieldwork hours, providing first-hand experience as well as an early start in fulfilling fieldwork requirements for career licenses. 

Career Resources

KBCC Office of Career Development
Visit this office for help with your resume, interview skills, and student jobs.

National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAEYC provides articles, information, and job listings for educators.

Kingsborough Education Program - ALST
KBCC provides information on the ALST exam, the first certification exam.

CUNY Education Programs
This website provides links to the various education programs within CUNY.

New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute (PDI)
PDI provides information on workshops and job openings across the city.

Office of Teaching Initiatives
OTI provides information about teacher certification and fingerprinting. 

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