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entrance requirements

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Nursing Program Entrance Requirements

Admission to Kingsborough Community College does not guarantee admission to the Nursing Program. The Nursing Program consists of two components, Pre-Clinical and Clinical. To enter the Clinical Component, students must first complete the Pre-Clinical Sequence of the program. To obtain specific information about college admission requirements and/or to obtain an application contact:, or call 1-718-368-4600.

Enrollment in the Nursing Curriculum :  Students must be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component. Students who are not officially designated in the Pre-Clinical student group must apply for a Change of Curriculum during the time period noted on the official academic calendar of the college.  This calendar is available on the KCC website or can be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, A-201.

To be considered for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program, a student must comply with the following:

  • be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component.  A students must complete an application for Pre-Clinical Nursing during the period noted on the Academic Calendar.  The application is obtained in the Registrar’s Office.  The student must see a nursing advisor to discuss their academic performance and obtain a advisor’s signature on the application. The application is submitted to the Nursing Department (M401);
  • pass the CUNY Reading and Writing exams and parts 1 and 2 of the COMPASS Math Skills Test and/or complete any required remediation before completion of the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence;
  • complete the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence: ENG 1200, PSY 1100, BIO 1100 and SCI 2500;
  • complete the four courses  the Pre-Clinical Sequence with at least a grade point average of 2.5 and earn at least two (2) Bs (one of which must be in SCI 2500 or BIO 1100);
  • the student who have repeated and/or withdrawn from any of the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses may not be considered for admission to the Nursing program;
  • all grades received for courses taken in the Pre-Clinical Sequence at Kingsborough will be included in the Pre-Clinical average computation;
  • submit transcripts from other colleges (NOTE: Letter grades received in the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses at other colleges will be used to determine eligibility for admission); any biological science course more than 10 years old will not be accepted for exemption or credit;
  • perform satisfactorily on the Test of Academic Skills (TEAS) exam;
  • the transfer student from other colleges must be in good academic standing.  A student who is on academic probation or has be administratively dismissed from a Nursing program at a previous school is not eligible for admission to the Nursing program.
  •  The students must earn a minimum of a “C” grade in all pre and co-requisite courses;

    PLEASE NOTE WELL:  All current CUNY Clinical Nursing students must provide documentation as to legal status in one of these categories:
    • U.S. Citizenship.
    • Permanent residency.
    • International Student with F1 status.
    • Granted Asylum, Refugee Status, Temporary protected Status, Withholding of Removal, or Deferred Action Status by the U.S. Government.

Students who successfully complete the prescribed Pre-Clinical Sequence requirements may formally file for enrollment into the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program and must file for an application to take the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.  Completion of the above conditions does not guarantee admission into the Clinical Component:  this is based on space availability, the Pre-Clinical Sequence average and ATI-TEAS results.   Candidates are ranked based on their Pre-Clinical Sequence GPA and the ATI-TEAS) results.

  • Qualified applicants who are not admitted to the Clinical Component due to lack of available space will not be placed on a waiting list or be given preferential admission into a later class.  These students should consult with a nursing counselor in Room M-101 to discuss further options. 
Application forms and specific filing dates for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program are available in the Nursing Department office, MAC 401. The completed form should be filed in that office during the Spring or Fall semester in which the student expects to complete the Pre-Clinical requirements. Students completing the requirements during the Summer or Winter module should file their application in the following Fall or Spring semester.

Notice to Students on Criminal Background Checks
Current laws generally permit a state licensing board or agency to deny a license to practice nursing if the applicant has been convicted of a felony or other specified crime.  Like many state licensing boards, the Office of the Professions of the New York State Education Department requires that a criminal background check be conducted prior to granting a license to practice nursing.

The Department of Nursing at Kingsborough Community College does not require a criminal background check for admittance, but the Department’s educational requirements include placement at one or more hospitals or other off-campus clinical training sites and these sites frequently require a student to undergo a criminal background check before the student can be placed for clinical training.  If, based upon the results of a criminal background check, the site determines that a student’s participation in its clinical training program would not be in the best interest of the site, the site may deny that student admission to the training program. Even if the student has already begun the placement when the results are received, the site may elect to dismiss the student, regardless of the student’s performance while in the training program.
Each clinical training site that requires a criminal background check sets its own standards and procedures and you may be asked by the site to pay the cost of the background check. You may also have to complete more than one criminal background check during the course of the Nursing Program at Kingsborough Community College, depending on the number of sites where you are placed and the requirements of each site.

Please note that if a clinical training site determines that you may not take part in its training program based on the results of the criminal background check, you may be unable to complete your course requirements and to continue in the Nursing program. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO CONSIDER THIS BEFORE YOU ENROLL IN THE NURSING PROGRAM. Kingsborough Community College has no obligation to refund your tuition or fees or to otherwise accommodate you in the event you are ineligible to complete your course requirements based on the results of a criminal background check, or if you are denied a license to practice nursing

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