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Exercise Science/Personal Training Program

“The A.A.S. Degree and the preparation for the ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor certification, offer higher earning potential and a greater chance for academic and career advancement.”
Gary Katz, Student and President of the Personal Training Club

“The knowledge you gain will aid you in helping your clients meet their exercise goals safely and effectively.”
Alicia Henry, Student

“In order to excel as a personal trainer, making the decision to become a KBCC graduate with an A.A.S. Degree in Exercise Science/Personal Training is the best move I ever made toward my career change and development.”
Frank M. Delfino, Student

“Participating in this program has significantly improved my level of knowledge in the field. If you are committed to excellence, this is the right place for you. Be prepared to work hard and make a full commitment to the program.”
L. P., Student

“Interesting, fascinating, informative and highly rewarding. It's a challenging program but I loved every minute of it and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from it.”
James Dallessandro, Graduate

“As a non-traditional student at Kingsborough, I started the program to prepare for a second career in the personal training industry. However, I had no idea that this program was going to open my eyes to a much broader and clinical landscape. This program has definitely been challenging and fulfilling, but most of all, it has given me the foundation to succeed at the graduate level. If it wasn't for this program, I would not be at Queens College studying to get my Masters degree.”
Lyle Schmerz, Graduate

“When I first enrolled, I thought that this program would be easy because of the knowledge I gained from reading popular exercise and fitness magazines. I now realize how little I knew and how much more I have to learn. This program gives you both the academic and practical skills needed to conduct safe and effective exercise programs.”
Omar Harrison, Student

“The hands-on component of this Program has helped me grow as an educated personal trainer. The academics are the foundation but the practical aspect brings the gym to the classroom and enables you the to apply this knowledge directly to clients.”
Ryan R. Fairall, Student

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