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Department of Health,
Physical Education and

2001 Oriental Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Room: G-201

Phone: 718-368-5696
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Dr. Donald Hume

Executive Administrative
Diane Guido

A.S. Degree: Recreation
and Recreation Therapy Concentration

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Recreation:  Recreation majors work in leadership positions in Parks and Recreation departments on local, state and national levels setting up outdoor and indoor recreational activities throughout the year. In YMCA's, recreation majors will schedule classes, conduct recreational activities and events. Recreation majors working in non-profit Community Centers, Boys Clubs, and Senior Centers will provide recreation and sports leisure services across the life span (from youth to older adults). In addition, recreation majors can start their own business in the field.

Recreation Therapy: Therapeutic Recreation is the use of leisure activities to promote wellness and improve physical, social, mental, and emotional functioning for individuals with various special needs. Recreation therapists provide services in a variety of settings including nursing homes, mental health facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, day centers, and day treatment programs. Services include treatment and therapy programs, leisure education and skill development activities as well as inclusive recreation programming in community settings. In 2014, Forbes identified Recreation Therapy as the number one profession in the country least likely to be replaced by automation.

The Program: in Recreation and Recreation Therapy emphasizes learning by doing. Students take activity skills courses in Arts and Crafts, Social Recreation, and participate in recreational and disability activities among other required courses in our 60 credit degree major. In addition, students complete one semester of 100 hours of supervised fieldwork experience at one of the forty community agencies (including hospitals; nursing homes, YMCA's, Community Centers etc...) with whom our program has fieldwork agreements. These experiences prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to assume a leadership role in recreation and recreation therapy.

Certification: Graduates of the Program continue to work towards their B.S. Degree in Recreation and Recreation Therapy at Lehman and St. Joseph College as well as other area schools. Once students complete their B.A. degree, they can apply to take the National Certification exam. Upon passing, students become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). CTRS's are in great demand!

Course Requirements for Recreation and Recreation Therapy  
(Note: All courses are 3 credits)

RPE 11 - Introduction to Recreation 
RPE 12 - Leadership In Recreation and Physical Education
RPE 13 - Social Recreation 
RPE 31 - Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities I
RPE.32 - Organization and Administration of Recreation
RPE 34 - Methods and Materials in Arts and Crafts
RPE 35 - Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities II
RPE 36 - Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation
RPE 91 - Fieldwork Experience in Physical Education, Recreation and Recreation Therapy

Students interested in Recreation and Recreation Therapy can call co-director, 
Professor Michele Bracco (718-368-5197) or office phone at 718-368-5831


Room: G-306

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