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Foreign Languages Department
Placement Tests


  • To learn a second language is a basic requirement in the 21st Century, specifically in a place like New York City, where more than 100 languages are spoken on a daily basis.

  • We offer basic, intermediate, and in some cases advanced courses in Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Yiddish.

  • If you have not studied any of those foreign languages before, you can register at the first level of any one of them (they are identified with the number 1 such as in SPA 1, FR 1, etc.).

  • If in High School you studied three or more years of the foreign language for which you want to register, or you are a native speaker of that language, you must take an on-line Placement Test that will reflect your actual proficiency in that language and will allow us to place you in the level that corresponds to your real knowledge of that language.

  • The test is going to take only about 15 minutes of your time and you will know the results immediately.

  • Based on your performance, the level that best suits your proficiency will be automatically open to allow you to register on-line in the section you prefer.

  • If you need more information, click here to visit the Department of Foreign Languages' website section at your convenience.

To take the placement test, you must first log in.
Please enter your KCC email user ID (firstname.lastname) and your KCC email password.

Please choose the semester and year for which you are registering

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