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Speech Communication A.S.

Speech Communication A.S.

Dr. Cindy Greenberg
Program Director
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Degree Requirements

Brooklyn College Speech Transfer Guidelines
& Transfer Options for 4 Year Colleges

Program Highlights

The Speech Communication Program at Kingsborough Community College is an Associate in Science degree. This major is jointly registered by the State Education Department for both Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College . It is designed to provide KCC students with the opportunity to complete the first two years of course requirements for the Brooklyn College B.A. program in SPEECH COMMUNICATION. This guarantees graduates of the A.S. program in SPEECH COMMUNICATION at Kingsborough junior status in the Brooklyn program with complete transferability of all credits. However, students are not required to transfer to Brooklyn College. The SPEECH COMMUNICATION major has two concentrations:

Public Communication Concentration

The Public Communication concentration is a new alternative to the Liberal Arts major especially for those students who are undecided about a future career and plan on choosing a major once they transfer to a four year college. The Public Communication concentration at KCC requires liberal arts courses and provides a strong foundation in communication skills for further study at a four year college in areas such as pre-law, public communication. counseling, public relations.

In addition, for those students who may not wish to continue studying at a four year college, an A.S. degree in Public Communication provides language and communication skills that are vital for many jobs in our world today such as corporate communication, communication consulting, office & store management and as well as public service careers such as police work.

Speech Pathology/Language/Audiology/
Speech Hearing Sciences Concentration

Students who major in the Speech Pathology concentration will be preparing for a profession of specialists who diagnose and treat persons who have speech, language and/or hearing disabilities. These specialists may be employed by educational institutions such as NYC Department of Education, hospitals and nursing homes, and private practice.

This field has a very strong job market. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association accepts this program (the completed B.A. from Brooklyn College) as fulfilling the requirement for undergraduate training. This profession traditionally requires both a B.A. and Masters Degree. Brooklyn College requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA for this concentration.


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