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NOTE: Your particular degree requirements correspond to the College Catalog for the semester/year your entered Kingsborough or last changed your major. If you need a catalog earlier than the current catalog, please click here (

Tourism and Hospitality


Course Descriptions:


Maritime Technology


Course Descriptions:

 Culinary Arts


Course Descriptions,

Core Courses: Hospitality-Tourism-Sports Management-Food and Beverage Mangement  Effective Fall2014

TAH 1: Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality                         3 credits _____

TAH 5: Labor Relations and Customer Service                           3 credits _____

TAH 12: Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneurship                     3 credits _____

TAH 18: Case Studies                                                            3 credits _____

TAH 19: The Business of Tourism and Hospitality                      3 credits _____

TAH 25: Tourism and Hospitality Marketing                               3 credits _____

TAH 30: T&H Financial Decision Making                                      3 credits _____

TAH 90: Virtual Enterprise                                                      3 credits _____

TAH 92: Field Experience/Internship                                         3 credits _____

BA 60: Introduction to Computer Concepts                                3 credits _____

                                                                                                                          30 total credits

Concentrations: total of 9 credits: (Must take a technology course, except F&B)



Sport Management

Food and Beverage Mgmt

52-Hospitality Technology

17: Tourism Technology

52:Hospitality Technology

71-Intro to Prof. Food Svc

Choose from 2 courses below:

2-Destination Geography

7-Intro to Sports Management

CA-50 F&B Cost Control

22:Front Office Operations

15-Cruises and specialty markets

46-Sport Facility Mgmt

CA-60 Beverage Management

41:Intro to Meeting Planning

65-Airport and Aviation Mgmt


43-Catering Mgmt

69-Airport and Aviation Security


Department Electives:

TAH 66 Cruise Line Marketing and sales

TAH 51 Professional Tour Guiding



REQUIRED CORE- 12 credits total

    ENG 1200 Freshman English- 3credits

    ENG 2400 Freshman English- 3credits

    Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning- 3 credits

     Life and Physical Sciences- 3credits

Flexible Core-Complete one course from three of the following Groups (A - E), for a total of 9 credits. Note: Each course must be from a different discipline. 

  1. World Cultures and Global Issues 
  2. U.S. Experience and Its Diversity 
  3. Creative Expression 
  4. Individual and Society 
  5. Scientific World

College Requirements

Passing scores on the CUNY-wide in reading, writing, and math skills tests or developmental courses may be required.

One (1) Writing Intensive course in any discipline from any category below is required. Participation in a Learning Community that includes ENG 1200 or 2400 also satisfies this requirement.

• Two (2) Civic Engagement experiences—satisfied by CE-Certified or CE-Component courses or approved outside activity. See the KCC catalog General Education: Civic Engagement section.

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