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Department of

Tourism &  Hospitality 

 Offers three degree program areas:

Tourism and Hospitality,

Maritime Technology,

 Culinary Arts

Our Department prepares students for the multi-disciplined industry encompassed by Tourism and Hospitality. Many of our graduates now occupy professional positions in airlines, hotels,  cruise lines, restaurants, and airports. The possibilities are endless when you get a degree in Tourism and Hospitality! 

Tourism & Hospitality Department
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Boulevard,
Manhattan Beach
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Contact Information
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Department of
Tourism & Hospitality


  Dr. Anthony Borgese


Office Location:
Academic Village Bldg.

CUNY Office Assistant:

Carol Ann McLinden

Telephone: (718) 368-5143
Fax:  (718) 368-4880


Special Department Learning Opportunities

The following are some major learning areas students can take advantage of to extend their understanding of the Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary and Maritime Industry:

  • Industry focused internships
  • Club activities to include trips and tours of industry related venues
  • Portfolio preparation with resume writing workshops 
  • Career readiness seminars and job/college fairs  
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