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Department of Business
What Is Accounting?
Accounting is often called the "language of business". The financial health of an organization is communicated through financial reports and data provided by accountants. This information is provided to investors and potential investors, to taxing authorities, and to other government agencies. Virtually all business decisions depend on accounting data. All business people need a thorough understanding of this important field. As the structures of business and economic systems become more technical and complex, the need for highly trained and competent accountants also increases.
Jobs in Accounting
Graduates majoring in accounting are prepared for, and hired as Certified Public Accountants, corporate accountants, internal auditors, government accountants, industrial accountants, managerial accountants, financial analysts and consultants, accounting system consultants, and accountants in non-profit organizations. Accountants are still among the highest paid graduates and demand is strong. Majoring in accounting does not limit you to just being an accountant. The analytical and problem solving skills learned prepare students for many jobs in business.
What Accountants Do
Generally, accountants create information, check it, summarize it, analyze it, interpret it, use it, and help others use it. Corporate accountants prepare the financial reports for a business. Internal and certified public auditors test these reports to insure their accuracy. Managerial accountants prepare information for decision- making for business managers. Some accountants analyze financial information and advise clients on investments. Other accountants design computer systems to accumulate information. Government accountants determine if various laws have been followed. Still other accountants have become the heads of major corporations. Anywhere there is a need for financial information, in any type of organization; there is a need for accountants.
Where do KCC Graduates Go?
Many accounting majors transfer to four-year schools to earn a bachelor's degree. Others take accounting assistant, bookkeeping assistant or clerical jobs in the accounting field after completing a two-year degree. To obtain more information about the accounting program and the field of accounting see an advisor or accounting faculty member.
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Accounting degree requirements (College Catalog)

Accounting course descriptions (College Catalog)
What Is Business Administration?
Business administration is perhaps the most important component of a business's success. Administrators and managers must plan, organize, staff, direct, control, and lead. They bear the responsibility to maintain an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, can accomplish their common missions and objectives.
Jobs in Business Administration
Competing successfully in modern business requires a variety of knowledge and skills. Good administrators need to be generalists who know about such areas as business law, management, human resources, marketing, economics, money and banking, accounting, and computers. They also need to have good written and oral communication skills.

What Business Administrators Do
Business administrators are like the oil that keeps the wheels of commerce turning. They are involved in all aspects of running organizations and may work in private industry, public enterprises or for non-profit companies. They work as managers, supervisors and assistants, and their job duties are as varied as the organizations they work for.


Where do KCC Graduates Go?
Two-year graduates who have acquired a good foundation in general skills typically transfer to four-year schools to specialize in related managerial fields and earn a bachelor's degree in such areas as management, marketing, finance, economics, advertising, or even accounting. Graduates majoring in business administration are prepared to enter the job market in such titles as assistant manager, management trainee, human resource consultant, and similar managerial career paths in both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Wall St BullBusiness degree requirements (College Catalog)

Business course descriptions (College Catalog)

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What Is Retail Merchandising?
The fashion merchandising and marketing management programs has been redesigned as an A.A.S. degree in Retail Merchandising that will contain a shared core and two concentrations of study: Fashion or Marketing. This redesign will not affect current students and will only slightly change degree requirements for incoming students in Fall 2002.


What is Studied?

  • The Fashion concentration introduces students to the development, production, buying and selling of products and services to the consumer.

  • The Marketing concentration introduces students to manufacturing and creation of products and services and how they reach the multiple consumer markets.

Street Scene

Program Features

  • Faculty of industry professionals
  • Fashion and marketing club to develop career skills and contacts
  • Field trips each semester to current fashion and marketing events in the New York area
  • Personal advisement each semester for academic and career or transfer information

Where do KCC Graduates Go?
Students graduating with a fashion concentrationswork in positions such as showroom sales, store management, assistant merchandisers.

Students who graduate with a marketing concentration may work in apparel manufacturing, product and services creators, or as promoters. Positions include manufacturer's sales representatives, assistant media buyers, or assistant account staff for promotions.

Students may also transfer to four-year colleges to earn a Bachelor's Degree

Retail Merchandising degree requirements (College catalog)

Retail Merchandising course descriptions  (College Catalog)

Why Study Office Administration and Technology?
There is great demand for graduates of the Program. They are employed in law firms, hospitals, business offices, and schools throughout the metropolitan area.

What is Studied?

Office Administration and Technology majors may specialize in any of the following areas:

Executive Office Administration
Legal Office Administration
Medical Office Administration
School Office Administration
Word/Information Processing

Students with teachersAn A.A.S. degree is also offered in Website Development and Administration. This course of study introduces students to professional techniques for developing and maintaining websites for small and large businesses. It includes courses in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, HTML, and JavaScript.

Office Administration and Technology requirements
Office Administration and Technology course descriptions (College catalog)

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Fashion Design Facebook page

The program prepares you for a career as a Designer or an Assistant Designer. Our program will also result in you having a professional portfolio of your work to demonstrate your abilities to prospective employers.

What is Studied?

  • Kingsborough Community College Core Requirements
  • You will learn the four basic ways that Designers create their collections: Draping, Flat Patternmaking, Sketching and Computer Assisted Design.
  • Aesthetics and Style trends are studied to provide you with artistic and commercial perspectives on current fashion.
  • You will also learn the basics of garment construction, textiles, creating a collection, and the retailing of your work.
  • In the final semester, graduating students will present their designs in a senior fashion show.
  • Graduates are also required to complete an Internship in Fashion Design.

Fashion Design Course Descriptions

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