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Knicks Take A Great Loss
By Keshia Graham

Melo! Melo! Melo! The crowd chanted as the recently acquired New York Knicks 6’8” star forward Carmelo Anthony converted a spinning bucket in the shooting lane nailing a free throw shot. The Knicks played against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 4th suffering yet another loss against them for the season. Recent rumors of Anthony being traded to the New York Knicks from the Denver Nuggets proved to be true, with him finishing the game with 29 points.

Along with Anthony’s star presence, the Knicks power forward-center Amar’e Stoudemire stood at 6’10”, who surprised the crowd matching his season’s high with 41 points. The Cavs put Baron Davis on the court after the trading season and he definitely picked up where LeBron James left off with an incredible performance and 18 points for the game.

It was a neck and neck game with the Knicks and Cavs all tied up by the end of the first quarter at 32. New York then took the lead leaving the second quarter 64-58 at halftime. At the end of the third quarter the Knicks led 88-85.

It seemed as though Anthony Parker and Davis teamed up, hitting back to back three pointer shots taking the lead in the fourth quarter. With the Cavaliers up 117-115, Carmelo drove to the basket on an isolation play and was whistled for a charge on a Cavaliers rookie, Samardo Samuels, with 1.8 seconds remaining. It was the third charge of the game that Samuels came across and the second in the fourth quarter alone on Carmelo. The other was a charging foul that was called against Carmelo after he tried to break free from Parkers’ holding attempt. They finished off the game with the Cavaliers’ victory of 119-115.


Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks played a good game. Even with Stoudemire and Carmelo’s wicked unstoppable offense, scoring 41 and 29 points respectively, the Knicks badly missed their also recently acquired point guard Chauncey Billups down the stretch; sitting out a second straight game due to a leg injury.

A great loss for the Knicks, being that they hold a 0-3 record against the Cavs for this basketball season. During their previous game, they came up short and the Cavs had another victory finishing the game with 115-109.

“It’s a tough loss. I don’t want to say it’s embarrassing, but it is a tough loss knowing that we went out there in Cleveland and lost a game to them [Feb. 25]. Knowing how important it is to take care of home court and to lose to them guys tonight is a tough one to fathom,” Carmelo said during an ESPN interview later that night.


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