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Ink Up My Body: Tattoos No Longer Taboo
By Tameeca Dieujuste

The guy you thought had on a shirt from afar, but as he got closer you realized was covered with tattoos. You’ve all seen it before; tattoos all the way up the neck, the arms covered etc.

Tattoos have been a part of society and tradition for a long time. In history, according to a brief story written online, women in some cultures wore tattoos to enhance their status for marriage. They tattooed their skills on their forearms so they would have a better chance of being married.

Things have changed, tattoos are not all symbols anymore, in fact, many people have tattoos that have little or no meaning. Some may argue that our bodies have changed from being a temple to a piece of drawing paper, or walls in a train station. Others may counter argue that, because it’s their temple they should be able to design it.

“My tattoos tell a deep intrinsic story of who I am, unbeknownst to the naked eye. I love to draw; its my thing,” said Hrukti Kokayi, local tattoo artist. “I’m not a big fan of pain and I’m not a big fan of stupidity, so I have tattoos that have meaning, but a picture of a dog? Now what do I have to say about that? I don’t even own a pet.”

Many kids ranging in age from 13 and up now have tattoos. Popular artists such as Wiz Khalifa, and Lil’ Wayne rap about tattoos, and kids who look up to them go out and try to imitate them. Many may argue that society, television and entertainment is to blame for the outburst of tattoos amongst kids. But is it their fault these kids are getting tattoos or is it the parent’s fault? Is it the tattoo shops who allow the deed knowing the customer is a minor?

These questions remain unanswered.

An historic view of the Brooklyn Bridge, before the skyscrapers went up.

Tattoos aren’t cheap and many tattoo artists believe that if they are, they will not be of good quality. In an economy that is not in the best state at the moment, one has to ask why society’s money is going towards something so trivial. But then saying that tattoos are trivial raises the question of whether or not they are.

Creativity is life and life is about change, but understanding the consequences of what you do and the longevity of your actions is key. Everyone has a destiny and if we’re destined to be rich or successful then we will be, but just because we are destined does not mean we don’t still have to strive, push and sacrifice.

One of the sacrifices in the business world, is understanding that certain piercings and tattoos are not acceptable. Doctors, lawyers, business women, front desk assistants, most often do not have tattoos on their hands, or anywhere else that is visible. It’s cool to be different, and it’s cool to make decisions for ourselves and decide what we want to do with our bodies, but thinking about your future is pretty cool too.

Not everything you like has to be put onto your body. We all express ourselves in different ways and if tattoos are the way you express yourself that does not in any way make you a bad person. The point is to not do it just because. The next time you walk past that picture of Winne the Pooh eating out of the honey jar and think, “hmm that would look cute on my neck” think about how important that picture really is, and how much more important your future is.

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